PA and Chronic Fatigue

We all know that Arthritis of any type is just the tip of the iceberg as there are so many debilitating illnesses that are associated with Arthritis.

I have PA and at the moment I am totally wiped out with Chronic Fatigue, I would welcome any hints and tips or cures only all I seem to be doing is either sleeping for days on end or sat awake at night praying I would get some sleep. Can anyone help with this please>?

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  • Yesterdays post by Arthritis Action, just down this page, should be able to help you.

    The factsheet 'Sleep and Arthritis' is excellent as is the other one 'Emotions and Arthritis'.

  • Thank you I will print and read thank you,

  • Fatigue and tiredness seem to be par for the course, especially if flaring. However it's a good idea to get your bloods done to rule out any underlying cause. I had many years of low ferritin levels and on iron tabs, which didn't agree with me. I had a Vit b12 deficiency and low folate levels and having b12 injections and taking folic acid tabs have helped a great deal, haven't had to take iron tabs, very careful with my diet also. Best to see your GP.

  • Thank you Gigi, I will get my bloods done this week, no something I had throught of so thanks.

  • Just to add, I have RA and also Hashimoto's ( underactive thyroid) the latter is often associated with b12 deficiency also a good Idea to get tested for low Vit D depending on what meds you are on. All the best x

  • Hello. I have psoriatic arthritis, and I was told in September last year. I too do not get any sleep. Maybe hour or two , put I'm up about half one- two o clock in the morning. Chronic fatigue is a horrible. Their is tiredness and theirs fatigue, and every time I sit down I just want to go to sleep. I have two boys 11years and 8 years. My husband has been fantastic at actcepting this. He has never asked questions about it. But has been brilliant when I say that I'm tired or in bed of two/three days with headaches and I can't move. He went with me once when I had an appointment with the arthritis doctor . And he was shocked of how much pain I was in and that there is no cure and it will get worse. Because you cannot see it, he thought I was just walk funny, that's okay! The boys have been great helping to brush my hair, put on my socks.

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