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Factsheets up on our website

Factsheets up on our website

Hello lovely Arthritis Action Health Unlocked people!

I have just posted our second Factsheet on 'Sleep and Arthritis' up on our website, and I thought it might be a useful resource for anyone looking to do a little reading. Already up there 'Emotions and Arthritis' and new Factsheets on pacing, and flare-up planning coming soon - we hope to cover interesting and helpful topics, so do give me a shout if you'd like to see more information on a specific area of living with arthritis and we'll add this to our areas of interest for future Factsheets. arthritisaction.org.uk/livi...

You can download the pdfs and print them out, for easy access.

All the best,


Arthritis Action's Communications Officer

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Many thanks, very useful.

I actually downloaded "EMOTIONS AND ARTHRITIS" which I have found extremely good and very helpful.

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