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Factsheets up on our website

Factsheets up on our website

Hello lovely Arthritis Action Health Unlocked people!

I have just posted our second Factsheet on 'Sleep and Arthritis' up on our website, and I thought it might be a useful resource for anyone looking to do a little reading. Already up there 'Emotions and Arthritis' and new Factsheets on pacing, and flare-up planning coming soon - we hope to cover interesting and helpful topics, so do give me a shout if you'd like to see more information on a specific area of living with arthritis and we'll add this to our areas of interest for future Factsheets.

You can download the pdfs and print them out, for easy access.

All the best,


Arthritis Action's Communications Officer

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Many thanks, very useful.

I actually downloaded "EMOTIONS AND ARTHRITIS" which I have found extremely good and very helpful.

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