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So I go and see my Rummy Nurse "Hows your pain level from 1 to 100" "ooo about 25 I say. Things have really calmed down" Excellent she says I am going to up your Methotraxte as I think its going into your neck and shoulders " OKie Dokie

Since then I have had nothing but pain. Its like my RA is feeling I was ignoring it and its just reminding me "Im still here"

Fingers feet neck all giving me jip Fed up tired depressed swollen the whole works.

ARRRRRRR is all I can say


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Sorry to hear this Kyriew - sounds frustrating and very painful. We hope the pain eases off in the next few days - do have a look at our Exercise sheets, for any relevant exercises, to relieve some of the pain:

We wish you all the best and stay strong!


Arthritis Action Communications Officer


thanks xx


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