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OA and stenosis

Hi all,

I wrote a post a few months back when I had been diagnosed with OA following a spinal injury, and I've recently had another MRI on my thoracic and cervical spine and it turns out I have now been diagnosed with OA throughout my spine and I have foraminal cervical spinal stenosis and irregular end plates.

And as for my working life well that's much the same as before I'm still off long term sick and I have my penultimate occupational health assessment next week and then I will more than likely be finished for ill health, as my employer has decided to be rather sly and not offer any role change but instead has said that I need to be fully fit for the role that I am employed to do.

So yea a lot of stress a lot of down days a lot of self pity, random outbursts, sleepless nights.

Pain wise I'm on morphine patches now and they're hit and miss to be honest I'm still having to take painkillers on top.

Anyway like I've mentioned before I'm 30 years old and really not sure what the future holds now, so any advice or anyone gone through or going through the same then please feel free to comment share you experiences or just unload a weight off your mind.

Thanks again to all of you


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Thank you for sharing your story Hidden . We are so sorry to hear your journey has been difficult, and we wish you all the best of luck with your employer and upcoming assessment.

We are running our Arthritis Action Groups around England, and that may be of some help, if you are looking for a group of people who support each other on a local basis. We also have a lot of information on self-management, which might be a useful tool for you to manage your pain and the stress arthritis can cause, so do have a look on our site: or speak to our team to see if we have services/events near you.

Al the best from us and stay strong,

Despina, on behalf of the Arthritis Action Team

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