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hip replacement

as anyone had there hip replaced when they are not in pain all the time went to see a surgeon because I was having pain in my hip when I did any exercise and it felt like it was going to pop out of joint after a rest it would feel fine although it is always stiff on my report it says the arthritic changes osteophytes formation and hip impingement are causes these problems he wanted to replace the hip I said no now im wondering if I did the right thing because im having lots of problems with my knees and ive started with os in my feet they do hurt all the time so I wondering if I should have it done so that's one lot of pain out the way

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We are sorry you are having a tough time jesse-james - we do advise asking your GP or clinicians for information, as they really are the only ones who can advise you on what they think is best for your health in the long-run. If you are looking for exercise and stretches, we have a brand new Resources page on our reworked site: perhaps it might offer some relief.

Also depending on where you are based, our Associated Practitioners programme might offer you a physical therapist in your local area - to discuss your health with them and get some (up to 2 sessions/year) subsidised physical therapy

Wishing you all the best,

Despina, Arthritis Action Communications Officer


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