Bi lateral Nov15 2016

Hi there new to site-here goes

just been thru a Bi lateral knee tkr-11 days later having a wee white wine and just thinking it all through

Been a quick near 2 weeks-first thoughts

pain-not as bad as i imagined,more stiffness-must be meds spot on

mobility-on crutches, small sprints without worktop to worktop

excercises regular and forcing myself def feel benefits

using cryo cuff great help

positive but in trepidation of next few weeks/ months

just a wee initial rambling of whats going thru mind at present



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  • Hi kevod1511,

    it sounds like you had a really good experience. I only had a total knee replacement and I also had great results. The worst part of me was wearing those attractive stockings which itched like crazy and nearly cut off all circulation for 6 weeks to prevent clots that for me that was honestly the most annoying part of the process.

    Keep doing what your doing and following doctors orders and you will be better than ever. My husband still slags me because I can move so fast (usually where there's alcohol concerned he he) and its wonderful because I had a limp and a stick and walked at a snails pace.

    Best wishes for the future.