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The other things

Hi, I've already been on and listed my conditions and drugs so won't repeat, but I need help and advice on how to cope, manage, deal with 'The other things' that our Arthritis brings with it, for me it's the Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain syndrome and most definitely Chronic Fatigue syndrome, please does anyone have some tried and tested way to get on top of it all, the fatigue is putting me in bed fast asleep for days and days on end so I end up only having a couple days a week where I can function, any help and advice would really mean the world - Thanks x x

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I know it seems like a basic reply, but reading everyday, drinking hot lemon water, eating small but thoughtful nutrious food, stretching exercise and meditation will occupy your mind with positive habits that will offer a routine to look forward to doing for yourself. Action is the key!


I've got arthritis and have had persistent tendonitis and bursitis over the last 10 months too. I've lived with Arthritis for about 9 years now and I find the pain and fatigue tough as I'm in my 30s, single, in London and working. I went on a pain management residential course a few years ago which really helped get me into the mind set of pacing yourself and building up exercises so you can do things more consistently as opposed to trying to cram things in when my pain was less, which can help even out the highs and lows of pain and fatigue levels. It's sometimes hard to keep that in mind because your mind may default to 'I should be able to do....x,y,x'. Try to be kind to yourself as your doing amazing living with pain. I find it hard to ask for help sometimes but if you can, do, as people can surprise you. On the flip side people can be a dussapointment too but hopefully you will come across a few good eggs. C


Thank you both for your heartfelt replies, they have really helped me and I have taken on board your advice and suggestions. I am now trying to put it all into practice. I start swimming tomorrow as I know regular exercise will help me too, I am lucky enough to have found someone with a private pool who is willing to let me swim in it on my own, couldn't go to the public pools as have put weight on and have no confidence, so this way I have the best of both worlds.

Thank you both x x

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