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Muscle tapes and Sciatica?

Wanted to know if anyone could give their experience on using muscle tapes and sciatic pain? I have used it in my pregnancies but now it seems my sciatica pain has returned. Chiro massages are great but not feasible on a regular basis. I use SpiderTech's muscle tapes and they have been helpful in relieving the pain. Here's an article showing how to apply it... anyone who uses it, I'd love to hear your feedback.


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I have rheumatoid arthritis but started taping my wrist before I was diagnosed always found it took the swelling out and as I worked in social care it was a lot easier than a traditional wrist splint. So kt tape for me....

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I use KT tape for my knee and wrist ( RA) offers great support and can generally be left on 2-3 days.. Some great tutorials on Utube regarding application methods for different support. I get mine off eBay.,

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