Fat at C7-T1 area at top of spine

Hi everyone..I am living with Oseoporosis and Osteoarthritis and was hoping that someone may know what can be done about Fat Hump at C7-T1 area.of spine was told it is not a Dowager's hump...was told it could be just fat, I'm sure I have spine issues, anyone who has ideas about what I need to do, maybe a kind of weight exercise, I already use weight but maybe some therapy??help please someone....

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  • I have that too but have always had good posture. So I googled up Paula Moore for great exercises for this condition. Check her out on the buffalo hump. But really it's just an irritating bit of fat and some people actually have it removed for cosmetic reasons, but I wouldn't go that far.

  • Thanks Sookiedee for replying, I guess it depends on the confidence a person has, I would have it removed if I could as I find it a pain having to wear collars to hide it because my hair is too short, maybe better when my hair grows to cover it, I will google Paula Moore though, also I don't confident about dating as I'm single with this condition, thanks so much very kind of you to help..Tia

  • It would probably take an x-ray to be sure what your issues are. If you have pain in neck, especially at back of base of neck on either/both sides then you may have degenerative changes. Pain can go down back of shoulder blade, down one or both arms, or even up behind the ears and cause a headache. That's just my experience, everyone is different. It really would take an expert diagnosis such as from a good orthopedic spine specialist, rheumatologist or chiropractor. Exercises can help but I wouldn't take advice from anyone who just does exercises. A referral for pt would be best.

    Also I don't recommend pain clinics as they tend to just treat symptoms and could make things worse in the long run, my own experience plus others I've heard. But they do help some people.

  • Hi thanks very much for reply, I should be getting an xray in the nr future, I don't have pain in my neck just slight crunching I probably need manipulation soon as my twisted pelvis has almost gone due to cold packs and hot water bottles, I have a bone mass scan in a few days, i will eventually find out what all my problems are..thanks again...Tia

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