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Glucosamine for Arthritis

I have been suffering from arthritis in my foot and ankle since my injury in 2011. I have seen every type of specialist in Ontario and nothing was really Improving. In December 2014, I decided to see a osteopathic doctor who helped me work on other parts of my body which would then "support" my weak foot. My osteopath encouraged me to see a holistic nutritionist to help me change my eating habits which would help keep extra weight off and and as well keep the inflammation down. My nutritionist also recommended me a terrific supplement formulated by a chiropractor in Toronto, Ontario called Glucosamine Joint Formula by Adeeva Nutritionals. It has glucosamine sufate in it along with 3 anti-inflammatory herbs. It is absorbed readily and has made a world of difference. I found an educational YouTube video on the product. I recommend it to everyone who experiences arthritis, or joint pain.

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I'm glad you mentioned that, and I will definitely try it. I have arthritic feet and just hate walking unless I have to. It's such a bummer because I used to walk for miles and never thought I'd be in this stupid condition. I look at people happily walking and want to tackle them. (joke)


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