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Spondylitis and osteoarthritis

I have suffered with both of these in my neck and lumber spine for many years but it has started to rise up and now have osteoarthritis in the dorsal area. The pain management specialist has now told me that in 8 years I will be pain free as I won't be able to move as my spine and neck will calcify. Does this mean I will be paraplegic? I have too much arthritis for an operation.

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You need to check with your GP but I guess what he meant is the your movement will be very restricted when the bones calcify. If you can't move that area there will be little inflammation and little pain. Not a great pay off. My chiropractor has suggested that as the degeneration in my vertebrae completes I might have less pain. But I won't have much range of movement . !!!!!

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Thanks deejames. I know my movements will be restricted and I spoke to my gp who has told me that if I can strengthen my leg muscles and back muscles they may help to compensate a little for the lack of movement in my neck and spine and to buy a swivel chair.


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