Hi been a while since I wrote on hear. I said before that I suffered bad pain for many years and was going to try some homeopathic therapy, well I have been trying a combination of cayenne pepper and cinnamon. I am pleased with the results so far, my pain is a lot less.i was using one tsp. of cinnamon with about three grams of cayenne on my dinner. Now that I know this helps I will try it on lunch as well . If anyone wants to try this out make sure you aren't allergic to these herbs first. Good luck all.

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  • Glad you are finding help. These are not homeopathic remedies though.

    What kind of pain do you have ?


  • You beat me to it, Dee!

    These are herbal or naturopathic remedies rather than homeopathic ones :)

    Glad they're helping you!

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