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Hi I'm a 32 old woman. Had arthritis when I was 9 in one knee which I grew out of. However it came back about 6 yrs ago in both knees I was on methotrexate 25mg injection n was okish. I got injection into my knees n had a break from methotrexate for 6 weeks then found out I was pregnant. All the doctors and consultant were sure it would affect the baby but unfortunately I miscarriage at 9 weeks. Now its been 8 weeks n I'm not on any medication and my knees are absolutely killing me I can hardly walk I could cry with the pain (I've got a high threshold for pain) I've got a appt in 5 days with consultant to discuss medication options cos I'm trying for another baby. Has ppl got any advise about medication or anything to help ease the pain (I'm taking codeine And naproxen) just found out tho I shouldn't be taking naproxen when thinking of getting pregnant. Any advise pls thanks

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Hi Dee etc

It's interesting that I had arthritis in my knee when I was 9 years old. Doctor said is was growing pains. When I was about 21 I had a lot pain in my ankle and I had a plaster cast on for awhile so I could carry on Woking which helped a lot.

after waiting nearly a year I got to see A specialist who said I had this ankle problem because I had, had Glandular Fever.

When I was 34. I had problems with the other ankle. The reason I was given this time was because I was pregnant.

Today I have been having a clear out in my desk and came across an article in the Daily Mail which I think my Muum may have sent me in 2002. Very similar to my experience of when I was pregnant. But I did not have the knowledge of The Bowen Therapy which is partly what this article is about and how it can help. So think this may be worth looking into for help with your pain.

Hope this helps


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