Cimzia ??

Hello I'm new here. Just wanting to meet people like me.

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 2 years ago. Tried methotrexate no hope. Tried arava no help. Tried humira. No help I am now on cimzia. Only just started. My first set 2 weeks ago do for my next tmrw. No side effects so far. However I know it's early to feel improvement.but my first set within 3 days my neck and back felt pretty good. Now I'm in agony again. Is it possible to feel effects so soon? Is it ok to do the shot today if I'm not do until tmrw? Just hoping for more relief. Thank you

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  • Just diagnosed with same condition P A I've had lots of pain killers they don't work.

    and upset my stomach found steroids worked but I also have osteopenia so can't

    take them for very long. Methotrexate is the next step I am told by the Doc. But

    have herd it has a lot of side effects do U still take them. Never knew about this

    arthritis before mine is in the shoulders and hips, it's 2. 30 am can't sleep because

    It hurts to lie down. Does anything work for this wretched condition , trying to stay

    positive. Bye.

  • also have Psoriatic arthritis about to start methotrexate does it make your hair fall

    out as it is a form of chemo. Main point is will it help with the pain how long does it

    take to work PA affects my shoulders and hips had fluid taken several times from my

    left shoulder comes back every time. No one can see your pain so they think U are

    OK but it's a real bummer at any age. Nurse keeps asking about my pain on scale

    one to ten and how I feel hard to explaine I just want some relief and to feel like

    myself again now finished having a moan, tomorrow is a other day! Bye

  • Hello. I have been on methotrexate since September last year. I take eight tablets once a week, and I have lost any hair. The only time I lost hair was though depression, which I'm still on tablets for that.

  • I took methotrexate for over two years 6 tabs once a week at first it seemed to help then my white blood count came back low, blood test every two weeks. Really ill before last Christmas sore throat very bad cough, had two lots of antibiotics could not get rid of it, stopped taking Metx still could not shift it. In Spain at the time went to local hospital X-rays for chest , lung test they gave me inhaler bingo this did the trick. Started Methx in Jan 2017 but it made me feel like sh- t, so I decided to stop taking it all together. Came home in March told my rheumatologist I had stopped taking med's and at my age 77years was not taking it again for the years I have left as it was making me feel wretched. I also lost some of my hair and eyelashes, had skin rashes headaches and gut trouble. New med is Hydroxychoroquine this can affect your retina in the eye. Guess all these med's have some side affect. Hope U get your med's sorted take care. Ladyinredx

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