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Anyone feeling quite 'shook up' by the passing away of Karen Simpson?

I had read in the paper about the search for her and it makes me shudder. I tried to commit suicide multiplies times in a variety of different ways after the birth of my daughter, it makes me realise just how lucky I was. I feel so guilty for her as I feel so well now comparatively. You feel like you want to put the feeling in a bottle and promise you feel better again one day. On the same note I still remember after the psychosis the most crippling depression I have ever felt.

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Simply terrible for Karen and for her family. They must be totally shell shocked. My heart goes out to them all. I live close to Ormskirk. The response on facebook from local people who joined the search and offered help to her family was amazing. I think everyone is really saddened.


I've just looked this up, what a sad story. I remember thinking "oh no" when I saw on the news about Felicia Boots, the mother in London. Thinking of her family and friends at this sad time.

How are you feeling now, is the depression still with you? I was so shell shocked after my episode of pp that on coming home from hospital after 3months I had a massive loss of confidence. The meds also zonked me out and I was glad to reduce and then stop them, especially the anti-psychotic. Hope you feeling ok, and this site is providing you with some good info and support. Take care.


No gosh no, thankfully I feel a lot better, I came out of hospital in Novemeber 2011, had my daughter the previous January so it was a long journey but luckily once I turned the corner I got better quite quickly, it was getting out of the depression which was the hardest. I stil have my moments as I'm sure we all do and it's still on meds. Finishing my last year at med fingers crossed should qualify in June which is exciting! Thanks for responding xxx


Hi vix28, I was very sad when I heard about Karen on the local radio news. During my first psychosis in the early 70's I heard a voice which commanded me to self harm and I thought I had no choice.

I was so upset about this tragedy that I emailed the ITV programme 'Lorraine' to introduce APP and this forum. I asked them to consider a feature on the subject of PP. I have received a reply from the Duty Officer who will put the idea forward to their planning department and contact me if they want to follow up. If I do hear anything, I will pass this on to the professionals at APP. Needless to say if there is anyone with more 'clout' than myself, please feel free to step in. I emailed

I'm really happy that you now feel a lot better with so much to look forward to with your daughter and career.


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