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Things that make me feel better


I thought I would share a few things that have made me feel better during my recovery in case they work for others.

1. Wild swimming- yep something about jumping into freezing water makes me feel better. I feel so connected to my body after and it clears my head. I go to rivers, lakes and in the sea....obviously only if it’s safe to do so. Also just swimming in general, especially laying on my back floating, maybe makes me look a bit wierd floating in the pool but one other thing I have gained from PPP apart from a love of freezing water is I don’t give a s**t what people think!

2. Exercise: running, yoga....anything that takes me out of myself. I never really exercised before but knowing it makes me feel better is a great incentive.

3. Writing down how I am feeling. Looking back at stuff I wrote in the months straight after PPP helps me focus on how far I have come. Plus it helps me process my feelings. I am finding sharing on here a great help too.

4. Remembering how rude I was during my psychosis and laughing in a slightly dark manner. Like telling the nurses I wouldn’t eat the hospital food because it was S**t! Remembering with fondness some of the people I met on the general psych ward and laughing at their lack of giving a s**t. For example, the woman who told my dad to f**k off because he called her darling, poor dad!

5. Singing to my favourite songs: Graceland by Paul Simon, A change is gonna come by Sam Cooke, stronger by daft punk. I have an eclectic music taste!

6. Last but not least, spending time with my 2 kids.

What things have, or do you do to make you feel better?

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I find knitting and crochet really helpful. There’s something about the repetition that’s reassuring, plus the creativity. I like that it takes my concentration so I can’t worry, but not so much that it’s taxing

And I definitely second exercise. I’m struggling to get back into it at the moment and really feeling the loss


Hi Annanoosh...thank you for your lovely reply...

Thank you for sharing your toolkit with us!!! Implementing coping mechanisms to keep your mental health in check is very important and you've highlighted some very important aspects.

Most of the things you've mentioned I have implemented, too.

When struggling with mental health issues it is important that we have a choice in the way how we want to self-manage...

I love yoga and meditation, swimming (not wild way though :-), although a friend of mine does it, too), walking meditation with my neighbours dog, volunteering, -

however, I believe my main focus of keeping on track is my son and partner (in crime) life purpose!

Look after yourself,

kind wishes :-)

Hi Annanoosh, thanks for writing it does help reading the funny side of psychosis, there’s so much negativity it’s a relief to find a little light relief.

One of the mental health workers asked me if there was anything I could do to make myself feel better and I replied that I would like to use the hedgecutters and sort out our shaggy hedge. She replied calmly that that wasn’t advisable at that moment in time (!).

What helped me was endless talking to people, and seeing friends. Baking has always been therapeutic too.

I’m expecting my second any minute now and am quite scared about getting PP again. However, I will deal with whatever life throws at me. Sending you best wishes and thanks again for sharing the positives x

What do u mean about ur expecting to get ur second again? Sorry new here and trying to learn the lingo. Whats PP mean?


Hi passionatebutterfly, we are a forum for women and families affected by postpartum psychosis (PP) which is a psychotic episode after having a baby. Hope this helps 😊

Oh man. I had major post partum for a year after my son was born in 2008 and a psychosis that lasted a year in 2016/2017. but no where near each other. I was so looking forward to a psychosis site. Nevermind. All alone again. Theres no bipolar/schizophrenia site on here and no psychosis site. Ill unmember myself. Thanks for the info.


That’s fine, don’t worry - I’ve replied on your new post with some links which will hopefully be useful. Here’s some more too:

BipolarUK ( might also be useful or if you are in the US, there is Hopefully this helps 😊 xx

Thanku for ur help

Hiya, sort I meant my second child (I’m pregnant again) and PP means Post-partum Psychosis x

One thing that has helped me a lot is writing a plan of what I want to happen and how I want to be treated if I got ill again. Basically so even if I am not ‘there’ I still have a voice.

Good luck with baby number 2. I am sure you have a great plan in place and all will be well. Xx


Hi Annanoosh,

A lot of your positive coping strategies are ones I would identify with. I love wild swimming too and although sadly can't make my usual Monday night session for a couple of months I'm going to try to go at other times.

I've taken up running and have enjoyed being able to improve at this. I am trying to cycle too so I'm basically training for a triathlon but decided not to sign up to one as then I'd feel under pressure and quite enjoying doing the exercise for its own sake.

I love singing and would definitely use that. A couple of weeks ago when highly anxious I went a walk with headphones in and sang along to Nina Simone as I went up a local hill and felt much better when I came back (though husband was surprised I was saying i felt better when he had heard me singing "if I died and my soul be lost, nobody's fault but mine" at the top of my voice!)

I am a Christian and there are bible verses that I try to meditate on at times when my thoughts are running wild, it helps me to counter the negative messages my brain gives me.

Talking to my best friend is another thing I find really helpful (I just wish we lived nearer each other).

You're right about writing things down too,I've decided to restart my positivity diary, 3 good things every day.

All the best in your continued recovery.


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