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Intrusive thoughts

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Hi I’m so sorry to hear about the intrusive thoughts that you have been going through .I also have experienced them since being diagnosed with PP last year.What I found helpful is someone’s comment to imagine physically putting them on a cloud and floating away.Also remembering that everyone gets intrusive thoughts but they may not always say they do -random thoughts of standing at a train station and about jumping in front of a train or stealing someone’s pizza in a restaurant.Also showing compassion to yourself and giving yourself time to recover from these thoughts -I do still get them maybe once or twice a day but they are way way less -please be assured that they do get better ❤️‍🩹 I didn’t think they ever would but they did .Filling my mind with positive thoughts and doing things for others helps too.With more sleep and rest where possibly too they will get better .I also went through patch of not sleeping -I found that promethazine in the day and at night helped somewhat to lessen my anxiety and induced sleep .Hope that helps a bit .Really do feel for you it’s really hard but you will get there …we’ll done ☺️

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Some good advice about the cloud concept and getting plenty of sleep. I am pleased to hear you are feeling better all the time.

I also found that my intrusive thoughts after PP became less and less as I recovered.

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