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Driver Licence Renewl

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Just checking to see if anyone has had similar experience… May 2016 during my PPP experience my husband followed medical advice and informed the DVLA and I was issued with a temporary licence to be reviewed every 12 months and I have to go through a renewal process every year. At what point can this cease, I find it quite debilitating to have to repeat history. In my case I considered my experience extremely short with a period of being hospitalised for 3 weeks and all medications/discharged from services in June 2017……

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Hello Classof2016

Thank you for your post. I had PP in June 2012 and spent a month in an MBU. I was discharged and off medication in October 2013, so timescales not too dissimilar to yours.

If memory serves, I waited about 6 months to hear back about my licence after notifying the DVLA of my PP. I was then issued a 1-year licence, followed by another 1-year licence, then a 3-year licence, then back to a full 10-year one. I don’t know how they come to a decision about whether to issue a 1, 2, 3 or 5 year temporary licence, it will be interesting to hear others’ experiences. I remember it was all pretty frustrating and took a while to hear each time…

There is some information on the Mind website here:

There’s also a fact sheet here that might have some useful contacts if you wanted to query the DVLA’s decision:

I hope this helps a bit.

Best wishes,


Thank you for this post , its been frustrating for me to find any information about driving .

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Hi Classof2016, I can understand your frustration with the driving license renewal. I had pp in 2016 too and a further brief episode in 2018 where I remained at home. I was on 12 month renewals for the first couple of years and now I'm on a 3 year license to be reviewed in 2022. I don't know whether practice varies countrywide? I'm in Leeds.

Jenny has given you some good pointers. the only other thing may be to speak to your gp when the next renewal is due. If you've been well for a while maybe they can relay this and ask if a longer renewal length can be considered this time?

Good luck with it all, we're here when you need us x

Hi Class of 2016. I had PP in May 2020 with a short stay in an MBU. I came off antipsychotics in October and have remained well since. The DVLA wanted to put me on a 1 year license but I fought against it for 6 months. I sent them letters and emails (as did my psychiatrist) saying I was completely recovered and unlikely to experience another episode outside of pregnancy. When I was discharged from the perinatal team after a year, I also sent them a copy of my discharge letter via email and asked them to reconsider. I finally got a response back last month saying they had reversed their decision and they reinstated my 10 year license. It is always worth putting your case forward if you feel you are completely recovered and your doctor does too. Tbh, I was ready to accept their decision after a few failed attempts but I'm so happy I tried now! Good luck xx :)

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