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Life insurance after PP

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Hi - we’ve recently been trying to get personal protection insurance as we’re in the process of buying a house, but all my applications keep coming back saying they can’t provide me cover due to my medical history - other than postpartum psychosis I do not have any other mental or physical health history that would affect it so it’s simply on the grounds of that! Has anyone ever had any experience with this or found certain underwriters to be any more lenient? Thanks :)

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Hi RML93,

When I was applying for life insurance, my case had to go to the underwriters because of my PP, but then for another life insurance policy- there were no issues! I think for me it was Zurich that went to the underwriters and Beagle Street who didn't!

It might be worth checking out the following information on the Mind Website:

I'm sure some of the wonderful people on here will be able to share their experiences too!

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rml93Volunteer in reply to Jocelyn_at_APP

Thank you for that Jocelyn! I will have to ring round a few. We had to transfer the car insurance into my partners name back in September due to mine being extortionate and I understand it would carry a higher premium, but it doesn’t seem right to not be able to get it at all! Thank you for your help.

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Hi rml93

I went through this process late last year. We went with the insurers quoted by our mortgage broker, although our quote more than doubled when we disclosed my history of pp (same as you, I have no other physical or mental conditions other than pp). That was Aviva. I also checked the broker ActiveMinds which I found through the same link Jocelyn posted above. They found me a quote which was a bit cheaper but they couldn't do a joint policy with my husband.

All the best, the Mind site has a lot of resources on this.

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rml93Volunteer in reply to EmiMum

Thank you for that, I will try them too. Our broker is ringing round them too as they were just automatically declined so perhaps further explanation may help! Hopefully.

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EmiMumVolunteer in reply to rml93

Fingers crossed, also just occurred to me, perhaps your gp or psychiatrist if you are under one can write to the insurers? They usually get contacted for the medical records anyway, but it may help to clarify that your episode of psychosis was linked to a specific time in your life. Take care

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Hi rml93

We sorted our life insurance through a broker so he did the research for us. We had insurance through LV initially and our current policies are with Legal and General. When we had it reviewed and switched, the broker was quite confident my premium would go down as I’d had a second child without recurrence of PP in the meantime, but unfortunately it didn’t make a difference. I don’t know if there’s any difference when you pass a certain timeframe. Very frustrating!

All the best,


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Hi rml93,

It is frustrating isn't it? It think it is pretty much the same story all round.

My broker had to do a bit of shopping around but eventually got me insurance through Aviva. Even then I had to authorise access to my gp medical records. I requested to see a copy of my records before they were sent out to Aviva (just my preference). I have bipolar now so knew I may have a problem finding insurance. My bipolar is well managed with medication and so it has been 23years since I had a psychotic depression. It does seem unfair that the premiums are much higher and you have less choice as to who to insure with.

I think with insurance we need it for the peace of mind and the just in case. My experience over the years with insurance companies in general, what with exclusions etc, is there is only ever one winner. I now have a horse that is insured only on one leg 😆

Definitely worth the effort of shopping around or getting a broker to do the donkey work for you.

Hope you get sorted

Teresa x


I have experienced this issue twice and both with Aviva. Second time round when I needed a joint one with my husband I requested the Perinatal Psychiatry Consultant to write me a covering letter as well them requesting my medical records. Not sure if that will help you?

Good luck xx

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