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36 weeks pregnant starting olanxapine

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Hi everyone, I'm 36+1 with my 2nd pregnancy after having pp with my son in 2013. So far I've been fine during this pregnancy, few low days mixed with a little anxiety but not much. ( stayed on 20mg of fluoxitine throughout this pregnancy) My consultant advised me to go on 5mg of olanzapine right after delivery, but I suggested starting on 2.5mg now to help me get used to it, as I know last time the side effects were awful (zombie like), however last time in was on a much higher dose. I'm just wondering if anyone has had any side effects from the lowest dose? I'm managing to get lots of sleep still at the moment at night, and I'm bottle feeding so can get help with night feeds this time as I know lack of xsleep played a huge part...anyway Cross your fingers for me that it won't reoccurr. I'll keep you updated x

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Hello. Yes I had olanzapine 2.5mg during my second pregnancy and it worked really well.

I didn’t have any support during pregnancy despite being very depressed and reporting suicidal ideation. BUT it turned out great. At about 10 weeks to go, I had a strong delusion. For no reason I was terrified of getting into bed. I had to make a bed on the floor! I knew it was a delusion so I got referred and got olazapine the next day. 2.5mg. And I was fine. The only problem was that the dose was increased to 5mg after delivery, and that was too much for me , I was a zombie. But they listened and reduced it back down, even though 2.5 isn’t supposed to be a therapeutic dose (ie has no effect).

All the best with your second little one hope everything goes well for you 🙂

Oh, and I was able to breastfeed number two, which was what I wanted.

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Hi linzi686Not long to go! I’m glad you’ve been feeling ok during your pregnancy.

I had PP after my first son was born in 2012 and had a second child in 2016 with no recurrence fortunately.

I’m sorry I don’t have any experience of olanzapine to share, I took quetiapine. I took a low dose after my second pregnancy, half the dose that I took following PP, with the plan to up it should I develop any symptoms. I did have some mild side effects but not like I did with the higher dose, and they settled quite quickly. No PP which was the main thing!

I’ll keep everything crossed for you, it’s good you’re getting lots of rest and have plans in place to prioritise sleep, that was a massive thing for me too.

I hope these last few weeks go smoothly, and with Christmas too :)

Look after yourself, wishing you all the best, exciting times!

Jenny x

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Hi linzi686Good to hear you’ve been feeling well during your second pregnancy.

I had PP with my first child in 2016 and was treated with olanzapine. With my second in 2018, my Consultant advised taking olanzapine at a low dose (2.5mg) from 36 weeks onwards. I felt OK with this and I didn’t notice any side effects. For me, it also felt reassuring that I had some protection against a second episode of PP and lessened my anxiety. Fortunately I didn’t have PP second time round and I’ve stayed well since. Prioritising sleep has been key for me and it’s great you’ve got a plan for that too.

I hope it all goes well for you, take good care of yourself x

Thank you so much, glad it went well for you the 2nd time,. Was your dose increased after delivery? And if so did you experience any negative side effects? X

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ChalkhillBlueVolunteer in reply to linzi686

Hi linzi686 my doze wasn’t increased and I took the olanzapine for about 9 months. When first I stopped taking it, I did initially struggle sleeping through the night (not helped by poor sleeper baby no.2) but I made myself stick to some pre-bed habits (bath / no screen time) which has helped. Wishing all you and your family all the best x

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Hi linzi686I too took olanzapine towards the end of my second pregnancy then following the birth and until the present day, a year on. I took 5mg a couple of times and idon't remember noticing it having any negative side effects. Idon't even think ihad the drowsiness at the start that i have now. I don't mind the drowsiness that much it's just first thing in the morning i notice it. But it annoys my husband!

I stayed well after the birth. I hoped to come off olanzapine after 3 months but my psychiatrist recommended 6 months and that iwait until my sleep was not being disturbed too much. Then along came covid and moving house and it just hadn't been the right time to come off yet. Now things should calm down I'm aiming to come off olanzapine in the next few weeks. I'll have insomnia to start with but knowing it's coming makes it not so bad. Might allow me to get unpacking done while the house is quiet...

Hazello x

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linzi686 in reply to Hazello

Sorry to hear its been longer than hoped, it has been a very tough year. Best of luck for the next few months coming off of them, fingers crossed 2021 is a more settled year x

Hi linzi686 are you still on 5mg of Olanzapine? Wondering how you're doing :)

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