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6 weeks pregnant with 2nd baby pp 6 years ago

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Hi all, we've been trying for a baby since Oct, we went to see a perinatal psychiatrist before trying and he advices me to stay on fluoxitine this time round and maybe go on olanzapine straight after giving birth. My anxiety is though the roof at the moment and I keep getting buzzy headaches and feel restless which I know anxiety can cause but it just doesn't feel nice . Did anyone else experience this? How did your second pregnancy go? How did you cope with constantly questioning if your becoming ill? Xx

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Hi linzi686,

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am sorry you are feeling anxious. It is not surprising, with things that are going on at the moment and you worrying about getting ill again.

It is great you have seen a psychiatrist already. Are you in contact with your doctor? It would be good to see if they can refer you to a perinatal team. They can talk you through some plans and make sure you have got the right support in place, and even just talk to them about how you are feeling at the moment.

There are lots of women on here who have had second and third babies, so hopefully they can share some of their experiences too,

Take care,

Sally x

Pregnancy is an uncertain time. I think just focus on positives and be optimistic. If anything, tell yourself that you got through it before, so if worst comes to worst you can get through it again. Life will never stop throwing us curveballs, but just know that you are strong enough to deal with whatever comes your way.

Practice mindfulness, meditation, yoga. Focus on happy things. Try deep breathing, hobbies. Watch fun movies. Bond a lot with your older one - life will be forever changed. Cute to make videos of big sibling talking to or about the baby. Take fun bump photos. Distract yourself if you need to. And then calm yourself down, just like you tell your child - everything’s gonna be ok.

Congratulations on this pregnancy.

But sorry to hear you’re not feeling so good.

I was sectioned with PPP with my daughter in 2015. I was put on to Olanzapine and was still on a small dose of it when I fell pregnant in 2019. My perinatal mental health team kept me on it and I didn’t have any problems during pregnancy.

Maybe you could try taking it now as it might put your mind at ease about becoming ill.

Good luck

Helen x

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Hello linzi686

Congratulations on your pregnancy :) I hope since you posted you have been able to access support from your GP or care team to find coping strategies for your overwhelming anxiety. It is very difficult at the moment to have face to face appointments, unless via skype or zoom isn't it?

You have already had some good suggestions about coping. I wonder if you can make a list of what is causing your anxiety and calmly consider options for dealing with each point?

I had a second pregnancy years ago, like you, six years after my first. I think I have always been anxious about one thing or another but luckily didn't feel overwhelmed by it during my pregnancies although appreciate how awful it feels. I wasn't constantly questioning myself about becoming ill as in a way I was unaware how ill I had been as stigma prevented my family from talking about it. This was a long time ago though when mental health was in the shadows. It is so important to talk about how you are feeling and I hope the replies here have been helpful.

I hope your GP will be able to refer you for support. Perhaps you could focus on your breathing .... I'm finding chair yoga helpful at the moment to cope in isolation. Thinking of you, take care.

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Hi Linzi686

Congratulations. Its a big step taking the plunge of a 2nd pregnancy when you've had PP before.

It took me a similar length of time as you (7 years between 1st and 2nd pregnacies) to be able to feel ready.

Sorry you arent feeling at your best just now. I think its good to remember that it is normal to feel anxious considering past experience. Try not to dwell on feeling ill 2much in case it starts to spiral and gets you panicking and feeling down. I would suggest doing things that are a distraction and also relaxing. Some good suggestions have been made by otners.

During my second pregnancy I had a few anxieties but was mostly well. I did stay on medication and like you planned to swap to more effective meds after the birth. It worked well for me.

Can you make a care plan with your perinatal team and include a list of symptoms that are unique to you, from your first PP, that would help you and your partner identify signs of becoming ill. Also in the care plan you can have instructions on what would help and who to contact etc.

Wish you all well

Take Care

Teresa x

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Hi linzi686,

I just wanted to write and add my congratulations on your pregnancy - I know it can be a worrying time after having experienced PP. I had a second child and was fortunate to remain well, it sounds like you are doing all the right things, although the situation with Covid-19 must be really hard too. We're here for you - anxiety in pregnancy is common for so many and with the current situation it must be really tough. We all do what we can and need to do to look after ourselves, it's something we learned after experiencing PP I think and particularly important when having another baby and at the current time.

I also wanted to share the link to the APP Insider Guides, including Planning Pregnancy: app-network.org/what-is-pp/...

Keep us posted on how you go and if there's anything else we can help with, we're here, we know what it's like. Take care, thinking of you, xx

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Hello linzi686

I'm sorry I didn't realise that you had your own post. I saw your comment in Butterfly93's post that you are having a scan today :) I hope it's not too overwhelming for you in the heat ... thinking of you. Take care

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