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Baby girl arrived 14.7.16

Hi all,

My baby arrived on Thu - healthy baby girl delivered at home as planned (I was so relaxed I didn't need pain relief!)

No hypnosis cd this time at all as not recommended by NHS after pp.

I took Ariprizole 10mg on delivery and will be for a year or two, no side effects are noticeable yet but I expect the weight won't shift (not a problem though). Gave first breast feed now just bottle (hard decision but best as our safety and MH comes first)

In pregnancy, I reduced stress to a minimum, went sick from work as soon as pressure built up. I attended a pregnancy yoga & Aqua to relax, also got plenty of help with my two year old,

I assume I'm at major risk of pp (50%) until she's 3 weeks, high risk until 12 weeks, then medium risk forever. Please correct me if wrong.

My background is on previous posts - no known history of MH, pp out of blue with major symptoms on day 5 but on further analysis, I've alway had mood swings from a bit elated to a bit low so diagnosed bipolar in Dec.

I'm sleeping 4-6 hours a day now, family do night feeds but I just can't get full 8 hours overnight. I feel tired but just wake when she does even if separated and eating ear plugs. Midwife informs me this is normal so I'm not worried. Last time I got no sleep until sedated at 13 days post partum. I just nap when tired as family very supportive.

Please keep fingers crossed / pray for me & I'll keep you updated xx

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It sounds as if everything is going well. I wish and your daughter hope for the near future.

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Hi Mims2014,

That's wonderful news, congratulations :)

It sounds like all is going well so far, it's great you have such good family support and are able to sleep and rest as needed. I too found it difficult to sleep through my baby's cries in the night but fortunately was able to get back to sleep quickly, I hope you're finding the same.

I was told the high risk period for postpartum mental illness was looked at as 12 weeks. My PP hit around 3 weeks first time so I saw that as the very high risk time for me as I was told it tended to follow the same kind of pattern if it recurred. After 12 weeks my GP advised that I monitor myself as any mum would but she considered me out of that high risk period.

My son turns 6 months next week and I will start reducing off my medication at the end of the month.

I hope things continue positively for you and you are enjoying your beautiful baby girl :)

Take care, I'll keep everything crossed for you :)

Best wishes, J x

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Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl ! Thinking if you - keep in touch 😊xx

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Hi Mims2014,

Congratulations on the arrival of your little one! I will be thinking of you, I know these first weeks can be an anxious time, but I hope you can also enjoy it and some special family time. Take care, xx

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Still ok :-) Aripriprizole is working since yesterday as the side effects are here - small price to pay if I remain well.

The first week was very tense but slowly relaxing as pp struck day six last time so growing in confidence as every day passes x



Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl .... good to hear you are ok although having side effects of medication.

I'm glad you are slowly relaxing as every day passes now. Take very good care of yourself and rest as much as you can with two little treasures in the house .......


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