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Watching your daughter go through this illness


I just want to tell other when you hear time and time again you will get better and you can't see its going to belive them its ture.

I watch my daughter go through this. We are one year on and my daughter is nearly back to her old self. It's been along hard struggle but she now coming out the other side.

As a mum and a grandmother watching your child go through this and you can't make her better has been so hard. But with a strong family around her she has come along way.

While she was in the mother and baby unit we work on lost of crafts to help her and she found a love of making soaps. Slowly she began to get her confidence back and now spreads her story through her new love of making her bath products She now done a few out door craft fairs. But her mane thing is to let other know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I wish i knew about this forum when she was at her worst as I had so many unanswered questions. If I can help anyone please feel free to message me

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Hello Izzie_25

Welcome to the forum and thank you so much for your post which will give hope to mums and families that PP is a very treatable illness, although recovery can be very up and down.

I’m sure it has been a long struggle for you and as you say, as a mother and grandmother, watching your daughter go through so much must have been very distressing at times. I had PP twice many years ago when mental illness was in the shadows and I was sectioned to mixed general psychiatric care.

I’m so glad your daughter received specialist care in the mother and baby unit . It is amazing that after so much turmoil your daughter has found a way forward following on from such a traumatic illness. It will have also made a difference that she has had your loving support through her worst times.

I’m sorry you didn’t know about the forum to ask for advice at a time when you were struggling. Although your daughter has nearly recovered, perhaps the PP Insider Guide “Recovery after Postpartum Psychosis” at might be helpful.

With very best wishes to your daughter and family. I’m sure your grandchild is a joy. Please take care of yourself too .

Hi Izzie_25,

Such a lovely message to all mums out there struggling at the moment. I echo your sentiment that when things get quite awful its almost impossible to cling on to the hope of recovery. But, yes with time mums do fully recover from this terrible illness.

I am so pleased to hear that your daughter discovered a new passion while in the early months of recovery, life do take surprising turns sometimes. And also that she is so keen to help mums which are in the recovery journey, sometimes simply sharing some experiences make others feel less alone, and that can make all the difference.

I wish you and your daughter all the best in the future.

Izzie_25 in reply to EmiMum

Thank you so much. Its been an horrible time. But she is doing so well now. She did a live on her fb page last night telling how far she has come. It brought me to tears. Because when it's happening as a mum u keep going helping them and not really seeing everything (or not wanting to).

I really worry sometimes about her husband as he has been our rock. Things been hard for him too. Not only seeing his wife this way but also lossing his father and grandmother within weeks of each other. He had a little bit of concelling but wish he could get more. Its hard to get him to open up.

Thank u

EmiMum in reply to Izzie_25

Hi Izzie_25,

Yes, things are very hard for the partner and the close family in general. Be there for your son in law as well as taking care of yourself too. As you say, while in the midst of it the adrenaline sort of keeps you going, but once there is a space to reflect many realisations come rushing back, and it can be a bit overwhelming.

Time is a great healer for everyone, and also the joy of your grandchild is such a gift that it just makes everything better, I am sure.

Take good care, you are an amazing family and you have been through an incredible ordeal, give yourselves some kindness and patience, things have certainly come a long way.

Izzie_25 in reply to EmiMum

Thank you


Hello Izzie_25

a warm welcome and thank you so much for your lovely and encouraging message.

It takes so much inner strengths of loved ones to pull through those troubled times. My partner and I were so traumatised as I was sectioned for a while, but in 2010 there was no MBU nearby.

Like your daughter I found creativity so inspirational and therapeutic.

Sending you much love to you and your daughter!


Dear Izzie-25,

So very sorry that your daughter suffered with PP, a shock and trauma for her and the whole family isn't. So good that your daughter is making such a good recovery and that you have found APP. I found such help and support from the APP community. My daughter too had PP over three years ago now and is well though recovery, at first, as with many, was up and down.

As I worried for my daughter, I too worried for my son in law who was such

a rock.

I would just like to echo the supportive replies you have already had from the brave mums, time is indeed a great healer.

I am sure that your post will be of help and hope to mums still struggling.

'Though we struggle it does not mean we are failing'.

Congratulations and joy in your grandchild. May your daughter continue to be fully restored to herself and enjoy future good health.

Best wishes and hugs from one granny to another.

Judith xx

Thank u so much. We r all loving having our wonderful grandson x

Hi Izzie_25, lovely to hear you words of encouragement and delighted to hear your daughter is well on the road to recovery.

I had PP 38 years ago following the birth of daughter, a very traumatic experience but absolutely no problem following the birth of my son a couple of years later, and happy to report no mental health issues since. However, my daughter is expecting a wee boy next month, which will be our first grandchild. Naturally, I am concerned and hoping she doesn't follow my footsteps during the post natal period! However, like you have done, I will be there for her and help her through whatever the outcome. I also very reassured that there is help and support available through APP & this wonderful forum. My very best wishes to you and your family. Vee x

Izzie_25 in reply to Vee82

Thank u. Hopefully your daughter b fine but if not push for all the help u can get. Best wishes to your family

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