No more therapy

Hi there, I have bipolar disorder and have had a lot of therapy over the years.

I had PP in January - March this year and waited a long time to get therapy. After six or so sessions the trainee psychologist I was seeing finished the sessions as she is moving to a different trust as part of her course.

My care coordinator is also leaving and I had my last session with her on Friday. She explained that I'd had a lot of therapy and knew all the techniques so didn't need someone else. She said if they all waited til people were perfect the trust would fall over. I know she is right.

Yet I'm still on anti depressants and I can't afford to start private counselling.

So feeling a bit down today. X

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  • Hello Arabella-

    Good to hear from you although I'm sorry you're feeling a bit down today. So glad you've started your own post as I've noticed you have been supportive to another PP mum. There will be mums here to support you but I'm sorry that I don't have any experience of bipolar. Have you tried the online e-community forum of Bipolar UK, the link being for support?

    As you were hit with PP in January and still on antidepressants I think it's too early for therapy to be withdrawn although I understand. I would go back to your G.P for review as he does have a duty of care to find help for you. Sometimes when we have a mental health problem it's difficult to assert ourselves but if you need further support from a care co-ordinator your G.P should be able to prioritise your care. Perhaps you could make an appointment and take someone along with you so the doctor will have another view of how you are trying to cope?

    I'm so sorry as I'm sure it's really hard for you to cope with the ups and downs of PP recovery as well as challenging bipolar. I think as you've been following some of the posts here you will have seen the links to the PP Insider Guides, "Recovery after Postpartum Psychosis" and "Postpartum Psychosis : A Guide for Partners", and also the blog Try to have as much support around you and take it easy today.

    Take good care of yourself ..... there will be other mums here to share their experiences with you. Sending you a virtual hug :) x

  • Thanks so much Lilybeth. Great ideas and I'll try them out. Thanks for caring, hugs back xx

  • You're so welcome Arabella- ....... hope you are ok today. xx

  • Feeling a little bit better thanks xxx

  • Hello Arabella,

    I so very much do agree with Lilybeth that you have to have further access to mental health provisions. It only has been a few months since you have been diagnosed with PPP. I am not impressed with the limited support you have had reconsidering the seriousness of your mental health diagnosis. In your case there has been a lack of professional support.

    Overall budgets in the NHS are pushed to the limits and in some cases not much attention is given to postnatal care and mental health welfare. Treatment for after care and recovery is as important as tackling PPP at its preliminary stages. My partner and I have had some very traumatising experiences initially. However, my partner was extremely persistent that I was able to get the right care eventually. Nowadays I still can use the service of my local partnership and its been 7 years since my Episodes. I struggle with secondary metal health issues resulting from PPP & personal experiences...agora and social phobia.

    Your voice needs to be heard. If you find it too difficult, you may have a friend or a family member, who could be your representative or accompany you. Yes, I would talk to a GP in the first instance and/or somebody within the partnership/mental health section, who is more in a managerial position, above the care coordinator. The other idea would be to consult charity provisions for mental health.

    Anyway, hope that helps a bit,

    look after yourself


  • Thanks Jasa. I'm going to talk to my dad I think we have some insurance that would cover me to have a few counselling sessions. Thanks for your support xx

  • Hello Arabella-

    Good to hear you're feeling a bit better although please don't rush to be well. I've had a look on the Rethink Mental Illness page and under living with mental illness there's a section entitled "Staying well with bipolar". There's a short video (17 mins) "What helps when you have bipolar disorder", and I wondered if this would be helpful?

    I hope you might have insurance cover for a few counselling sessions but think your GP should help in the meantime.

    Take care. xx

  • I agree with others that it hasn't been that long to stop your therapy. Six sessions really doesn't seem enough for what you've been through.

    I haven't even begun therapy yet 4 months down the track.

  • Hi Nara, thanks for your support. Are you on a waiting list? Mine took months x

  • I'm discussing with my care coordinator what therapy would be best for me. He was going to put me on the list for anxiety therapy but I'm not sure if he has done that yet.

    I hope you get more help if you want it.

  • Thanks Nara. Hope you get the right therapy too xx

  • Hi

    I'm sorry to hear that you have had such limited support, and are having to cope with staff changes, which is so hard, as I know building a relationship with staff is hard. Others have given a lot of great ideas which is good.

    I wondered if there was a counselling service that was reasonable in your area, that could offer you counselling at a reduced price, which you could afford? I know in my local area there is, it is called Confide Counselling Service and they seem to be in other areas of the country too. If you google Confide and where you live you may find something? Or your GP may know of low cost counselling too?

    When I was struggling with depression I had several sessions of CBT which were so helpful in combatting the negative thoughts, but I think other counselling would have been helpful a bit later to just deal with the fall out and trauma and memories, perhaps this is more what you are looking for now? It is something I have considered for myself too, even now 6 years on.

    Take care, and I hope you continue to get better,


  • Thanks Ellie. Unfortunately it actually costs me money to go to work we have recently found out so honestly, I can't afford to pay anything.

    My current plan is to wait a month, see how I am and then go back to the GP and ask for more help if I need it x

  • I'm sorry to hear that, I have never been able to afford therapy either, it's hard isn't it. Your plan sounds like a good one, to see how it goes, and then ask for support from your GP. I hope that you continue to feel better.


  • Thanks Ellie xx

  • Hello Arabella-

    Just wondering how you are coping without the professional support which was stopped recently? I hope you are ok.

    Take care.

  • Hi Lilybeth how thoughtful are you. I'm doing ok thanks, I still feel down at times but I've started focussing on all the positives in my life and that helps pick me up. Thanks for caring xx

  • Hi Arabella-

    Good to hear you're doing ok. I'm sorry to hear you still feel down at times but fully recovering from PP takes time and also coping with bipolar must be hard. Focussing on the positives is a great idea and support from your GP if you need it.

    Take care .... we are all here for you. xx

  • Thanks hon that means a lot xx

  • Arrrrrrrgggghhhhh! I’m struggling with depression. Sorry, needed a scream tonight. I’ve found a free, online Nhs therapy site and have self referred. Hopefully I will be accepted.

    I was doing so well. Damn the weather, I think that’s what’s made things harder again. I must use my SAD light tomorrow.

    Hope everyone else is doing well xx

  • Hi Arabella

    Sorry to hear you're feeling so low. Scream away, as needed!

    Is this an IAPT service you have found? (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies). I hope you manage to access something useful through that. Depending on where you live you might also be able to access free or low cost counselling through charities? Eg in London we have a charity called Cocoon Family Support which offers this. Just a thought.

    Best wishes, thinking of you,

    Kat x

  • Thanks Kat. I think it’s called IESO. It’s online therapy.

    I think I will have to go down the counselling route it’s just that money is tight as it is. Hmmm. Xx

  • Hello Arabella,

    some good ideas from Kat here. I will have a look at the IAPT service.

    hopefully you will get some support...being sad and low is so much harder than dealing with my hyper activity. Does the SAD light work?

    After PPP I have been up and down like a yoyo, but not diagnosed with bipolar...mood swings are a struggle especially from full moon onwards :-)

    Thinking of you - when down, I find fresh air and walking or cycling quite useful as it slowly reduces my mind racing...I often like to meditate in my garden; colours are beautiful at the moment...if it is a bit nippy I put a blanket around me and sit on a cushion.

    Wishing you well


  • Thanks Jasa.

    My mood is like a pendulum too. I am going to try meditation, thanks for the tip.

    My SAD light does help a bit, as does vitamin D.

    Thanks for caring x

  • Thank you for your response Arabella,

    Wishing you well, - hope your day will be a good one.

    I am going to go to my Yoga now. It is always difficult to make a start, but once you get going and you've accomplished it, you feel so much better.

    Meditation and Yoga always had been recommended in my care plan, but unfortunately this had not been put into practise by the partnership. Meaning no tools were given.

    Sometimes you have to take the initiative, when you feel, you are ready...and always in stepping stones. I still feel very tired after an encounter of a group of people. Nevertheless all good my case I have to confront the fears...

    Bye for now,


  • Thanks for the tip Jasa. I will try meditation and yoga as you suggest 😀

    I’m on my way to work now, it’s nice to have a change x

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