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GP call.


I have had a call from my GP today. She says she is going to email my referral letter to the Cardiff University. I spoke to her and asked her if I could come off my medication with supervision, as I have never been treated for Complex P. T.S.D. She said to wait until I have the second opinion.

I haven't heard anything from the police since last week.

I am still studying hard.

Best Wishes XX

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The police?

I have reported my brothers and cousin for the sexual abuse they inflicted on me from the age of 7-12 years old

Gosh. Well done

Dear Bluelady-sing.

I have written a poem for you.

It's just a little pill he says,

as he tries to understand.

Make sure everyone pays,

as he tightly holds my hand.

The others are to blame

and should be held accountable.

I will put them to shame,

and that is understandable.

The courts will decide their fate,

and give me recompense.

I will put my trust in the state,

I know that this makes sense.

My friends will be by my side,

my husband close at hand.

I will no longer have to hide,

Today I take a stand.

For me?

No. It is just a poem i did for my husband last night.

Best Wishes XX


Wishing you the best of luck with prof Jones and hope you can get some closure, stay strong xxxx

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