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Upping dose on setraline


Still feeling the effects of 25mg. Have good and bad days. Still anxious and panicky. Sleeps still very disrupted. Would upping the dose help and would the side effects kick in more so? So anxious about feeling worse as grandson babysitting duties start next week and I’m back at work in two weeks. thanks for all advice

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Hi Lisajs2011,

I am sorry you are still anxious and panicky and worrying about looking after your grandson, that must be hard.

I can’t really advise on upping medication, it is probably best to speak with the GP about this.

There is also the NHS choices website, which has lots of information about medications, anxiety and depression (https://www.nhs.uk/).

I hope things are better for you over the next week,

Sally x

Thank you very much. Just logged into the site and listened to a couple of self help recordings xx

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