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Private instead of nhs


Has anyone seen a private psych? Can they diagnose or will they just look at your notes and not listen like my psych seems to?!

I need something drastic to change or I’m gonna have a breakdown!

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Hello Bumblebeeee,I am sorry to read you are not feeling listened to at the moment.No I haven't seen a private psychiatrist before, however when I was in the thick of the mental health care system I did see approximately four Consultant Psychiatrists and a few Registrars as well as many mental health nurses.

One Consultant I remember didn't say much at my appointments and would sometimes say something which felt like a riddle to be solved.

Eventually a combination of talking with an understanding member of the team and seeing the Psychiatrist with the expertise and right combination of drugs or drug in my case helped me.

I can remember feeling very confused and unheard at times and analysing the scenarios of visits which was probably because I was unwell.

Is there someone you currently feel you can talk to easily?

Glad you are reaching out you are not alone Cozandco x

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Dear Bumblebee.

I have asked for a second opinion on my diagnosis and would suggest to you that you get a mental health advocate to help you with this. I am on the waiting list for one.

Please keep me informed

Best Wishes XX

I have, they can diagnose. They are very expensive- mine was about £400 per hour x

How did you find one? I’m not sure where to start?x

Well my father had Benenden health care and we found it through there.

What area to do live in? I’ll help you find some options 😀

Wsm near Bristol x

I saw a private psychologist in London who specialises in perinatal psychosis and who was about £100/hr. I can provide you with her name etc if it would be useful

Yes please that will be great. I’m willing to travel it it means someone will finally listen x


Hello Bumblebeeee

I didn't have any private treatment during my recovery years ago.

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so flat after fighting so hard to move forward. Please take care of yourself and remember how special you are to your family. Give yourself the time you need to get better ....

As in the verse you posted recently "..... Don't throw away your crown! The mountain will still be there when you want to try again, so climb it in your own time ..... and love yourself 'til then."

It's not easy but we are all thinking of you ❤️


Hello Bumblebeeee

Just wondering how you are? I hope you are feeling a bit more hopeful and have good support around you. Be kind to yourself .... you are an amazing mum. x

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