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What causes PPP?

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I am 10 months past from when i experienced my crazy PPP. Im doing very well and just heard from my pshychologist that i can start weaning off my antipsychotic. Im excited about this but also nervous about returning symptoms.

Enough about me, Mostly im curious if any one had learned what, if anything, contributes to the development of post partum pshycosis. Knowing why i developed it i think will help me i my recovery.


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Hi Owls2189

Welcome to the forum :)

I’m glad to hear you’re doing so well in your recovery.

I had PP after my first son was born in 2012 and wanted to find out as much as I could about the illness when I was recovering too.

Have you had a look at APP’s website? There’s a lot of good information on there, shared experiences and ‘insider guides’ written with input from clinicians, experts and women with lived experience. The ‘What is PP?’ section might be a good place to start - app-network.org/what-is-pp/

There’s still much to learn but PP is thought to be caused by a number of factors. I had no history of mental illness and no family history of PP that I’m aware of (though it’s hard to know beyond a couple of generations back isn’t it) - I think lack of sleep was a big factor for me and hormones is of course likely to be a big factor. The important thing to recognise is it wasn’t caused by anything you did or didn’t do. I spent a long time feeling like it happened as I couldn’t cope - all new mums get sleep deprived! But although a factor, it’s not just one thing that causes PP so I hope you don’t feel that way.

I hope the website information helps. Reading about other experiences on here will hopefully be helpful to you too :) We all understand and I’m sure you’ll get lots of support here.

Very best wishes,

Jenny x

I have read three other experiences and that did help to hear so many stories that mirrored mine. It helps Knowing i have people to talk to who have been through it personally.

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Hi Owls2189

Welcome to the forum where you will find lots of shared experiences and support. I'm glad you have already seen some of the posts which mirrored your own experience. I was so relieved when I found the forum too as I had felt so alone until then. It's so good to be supported and helped by mums and families who truly understand what you have been going through. This is a great safe space to talk openly ......

I had PP many years ago 'out of the blue' as many of us here. Well done for being ten months post PP and belated congratulations on the birth of your baby :) I think the link which Jenny has given will give insight into the whys and wherefores of PP. I haven't delved too deeply into why it happened to me twice .... I have a sister who also has two children but thankfully was not hit by PP. I have come to realise that I'm very lucky to be here and whatever happened was out of my control.

I'm glad you're doing very well and will be gradually weaned off your antipsychotic. I can understand that you are apprehensive but I'm sure you will be closely monitored by your care team. Take care and please pop in again if it helps to talk ... we are all here for you. x

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