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Power of Attorney


A few weeks ago I asked my health visitor to help me find out who could help me with setting up power of attorney, she put me in touch with Family Services who visited today.

The lady from family services didn’t know, so she suggested I contact Newham Adult Social Services, they asked me to call Newham Community Links, they asked me to contact Mind Newham, they asked me to contact Civil Legal Advice, they couldn’t help and gave me details for the Quality Care Commission who regulate care providers. They suggested I call back Mind Newham. Mind Newham recommended I speak with Inspire, who told me they only know about Tower Hamlets, and advised me to search online.

I can’t believe how hard this is! There must be someone in the community helping people at risk of losing their capacity to complete a POA (especially with Dementia on the rise)!

Please don’t tell me that paying a solicitor is the only way forward...

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Hi Jessi_D

Wow, there’s nothing like being passed from pillar to post!

I’m afraid I don’t know who would be best placed to help you with this but I don’t know if any of the following links are useful at all:




The last document from the Mind website has a legal line in useful contacts at the end, they may be able to help? I imagine a lot of charities like Alzheimer’s Society offer help but I think the forms are supposed to come with enough supporting information that paying for legal advice shouldn’t be necessary... (whether that’s true in practice I’ve no idea) - I know you have to pay to register the documents.

Sorry if this isn’t overly helpful - good luck!

Jenny x

Jessi_D in reply to Jenny_at_APP

Thanks Jenny, this is a start, I’ll take a look at the links you shared 🙂


Good morning, Jessi!

Wow-this is unbelievable and just reminds me again of all the bureaucracy my partner had to cope with when I was so poorly including getting access to my medical information and meds intake, but also bank account and paying bills in general...especially when not being married. In fact it was absolutely stressful for him, because access was often denied.

My parents have had to do this via a lawyer, but this was German law.

I believe you can arrange something with your bank, or create your own health plan where you specifically explain how you want to be treated in case of emergency and who will be the "Power of Attorney" (a bit like a will)...you could put that into a sealed envelope and send it to your own home address...make sure you sign it with a witness beforehand...The envelope stays sealed until emergency arises...the court probably will acknowledge that as evidence (this is an old fashion way when you want to protect your original music, poems etc.)

These are just ideas and speculations, I will have a further look into the subject matter. I can not believe that you had to walk in circles without any positive outcome. Unbelievable!

Good luck, -


Jessi_D in reply to Hidden

Thanks Jasa, the bank would only accept a Power of Attorney with proof of incapacity. We’re based in the UK.


I know, I am in the UK, too :-), but not English! You probably have more facts...

Got to get my son ready for school. Happy day :-)

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