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The consequences of services


My friend told that being exposed to services ruinned her live.

They contacted family and told them the woman had mental health problems. The woman had had to move home.

Employers found, she not access medical care esp gynae she asked asked if she was promiscuous kept at a Cmht for 4yrs she arrive the staff would be writing down fictions events.

Medical records were being falsified. Often the psychiatrist would invite the whole mdt team. If she spoke sentences were being completed for her. So she stopped talking a serious error happened.

Any information was from family was used against her.

She parenting and family advice even no children. And told they would have supervise her she was thinking family life.

At one point and shout in a room and told they would be

Medicating her. The lawyer had to be called. The psychiatrist resigned when it came light

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Hi pumpkins

I’m sorry your friend experienced this, it sounds awful, and must be hard to trust that you will get good support. I know we have signposted you before to services such as Patient Advisory Liaison and also care quality commission to make complaints about treatment.

My experience of perinatal mental health services is that they are excellent, and offer really good support for women who have had mental health struggles or are struggling during pregnancy and postpartum. This was certainly my experience.

Take care, Ellie

Dear Pumpkins . I’m sorry to hear your friends experience was so very different from others whose journey to recovery had been made possible by excellent care and supervision by professional m h teams . It must make you feel concerned of course but please don’t worry too much as we know that when we are unwell and psychotic our thoughts and behaviour can be so different to how we are normally .

If you have a good support system and a kind husband (!) you will get better . Take it slowly . All the ladies on the site have been like you , vulnerable , scared and ill ,

And confused ! But we recovered as you will given time . Have a peaceful Sunday.


Denise x

Hi Pumpkins privacy is important at this time. Gossip from people you thought you trusted is damaging. Sure you will feel better with the right support and help with sleep.Most new mums are not given a sleeping pill, may be after several days, weeks of restless sleep - so make sure this aspect of your care is helped. All the best.

Not a mum

Hi pumpkin, I have been on both sides of the coin, this was 20 plus years ago, where I had care in a general psychiatric ward after suddenly suffering PP the care wasn't good and I am still dealing with the consequences,, but my husband fought to get me out of there and into a MBU where the care was totally different treating me like an individual and baby was with me so I could finally start gaining my confidence with her and was shown kindness and understanding and above all felt safe to explore my feelings with support...things have happened to mothers in the past that you may hear, but I know things have moved on from these times..because brave mothers have stood up and told their stories and given voices to the ones who have suffered, so feel things are very different, maybe not perfect and room for improvement, but mothers are definitely getting the support they need at a very scary time. Scary for a new mum, let alone for one that is becoming unwell after giving birth. There will be stories from the past, but from being here I haven't heard anything bad from perinatal care. Hope this helps

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