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Pp still relapsing 2 years on

My psychiatrist says that these relapses I keep having are all connected to my initial pp 2 years ago when my son was born so I am still recovering from pp 2 years on does it really take this long? I am bipolar too. I hate the psychotic symptoms I keep getting they make my life really hard. I'm on 5 medications and it still won't go away.

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Dear Bluerainbow

Welcome to the forum, it's great you have found us.

I'm so sorry to hear that you are still suffering with psychotic symptoms, 2 years after your PP episode. That sounds awful.

I wondered if you are in the UK? And what mental health team / psychiatrist you are seeing? If you are in the UK you could ask them if they can refer you to the APP second opinion psychiatry service with Dr Ian Jones. It is not so much a 'second opinion' but rather a specialist opinion. Dr Ian Jones is a leading perinatal psychiatrist but also specialises in bipolar and mood disorders, particularly those with recurrent mood disorders. It sounds like you are an ideal candidate, if you are in the UK (he can only take referrals from those who live in the UK). You would need to be referred by your mental health team or GP.

The link to the service is here: app-network.org/what-is-pp/...

I also wondered too if you have found the charity Bipolar UK as well? They specialise in supporting people with Bipolar. They provide a lot of information and support. bipolaruk.org/

You are really welcome here, feel free to write whenever you need to

Thinking of you, and really hope that you can get the support you need to recover.

Take care,



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