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Recovering from PP after 2.5 years

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Its been along time I have written on this site but I read alot of the posts on here. I can relate to PP because I went through it 2 and half years ago. Mine was pretty tragic but I came through it. It took alot of counseling sessions, doctor visits and alot of mind therapy. I still struggle but not as I struggled in the past. I meditate, pray and I'm around individuals who understand what I went through. I just wanted to say there is HOPE. You can overcome it. I'm currently taking a online 21 meditation class where I find myself away from all the pain I suffered due to PP and how it has changed my life completely. I haven't recovered yet but I'm well on my way. Take care of yourselves.

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Hello deana07087

Thank you so much for your positive update. I'm sorry you're still struggling although not as much as before. It's sad to recall how much trauma you went through with PP.

I agree there is always hope. My PP episodes were so long ago but still easy to recall. I'm glad you have people around you who can understand, that makes all the difference doesn't it? Meditation sounds very relaxing and is very good for our health and wellbeing. I hope you continue to improve.

Take good care.

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Hi deana

It is good to hear from you, and to hear that you are recovering....

I find meditation/prayer really helpful too. I have been reading some tibetan buddhist writers recently and have been really inspired. It resonates with me a lot of what I went through with pp, as buddhists do say a lot about suffering and dealing with guilt and anger etc... I've found it really inspiring and hopeful.

I've read your original post too. You went through so much, it's amazing how far you've come. Your strength and positivity despite everything you went through is inspiring.

Take care xx

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Dear Deana,

recovery is such a unique and personal journey. It is my son's 6th birthday this Saturday. I am still recovering-nevertheless I feel fortunate and very happy. I am pleased that my partner accepted my changed and new personality, because I lost myself and found somebody else in the mirror...still me, just different!

Take good care and thank you for your little message.

Sabine x

Hi Deana, I hope things improve for you. PP is such a horrible experience and you have to go through it to really understand how awful it is. Meditation is great too. I really wish you the best in your recovery x

Hi Deana

I can empathise. My little girl is almost 2. I am just discharged for a second time following a manic episode.

Psychotherapy and family support along with a great hubby and medication help me stay very well otherwise.

I also established alongside a perinatal peer support group in Belfast.

Feel free to have a lookWishing you and your family all the very best


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hi Deana

thanks for sharing your story, I'm glad you have found the forum to be a good place to share and find others who have been through pp and truly understand. There is nothing quite like it is there? My pp was almost 7 years ago now and I am grateful to have come through it and have a wonderful family who I am thankful for every day (although some days are harder than others but I think that is just life!)

I wondered if you had seen the APP guides, which might also be useful in your continued recovery? Here is the link

Wishing you all the very best, xx

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