weaning from Quetiapine

My Gp is weaning me so far so good. Takes me a while to fall a sleep though

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  • Hi Pumpkins - hang on in there. I did this a few months back and it took me a good 3 or 4 weeks to be able to get myself to sleep “normally”. Quetiapine is a fantastic drug, but does really impact sleep patterns and seems to take a while to get out the system. Hope that helps and take care


  • Hi Kat

    Have you been able to get completely off the seroquel?

  • Hi there - yes currently I’m not taking any Quetiapine. I’m watching any emerging symptoms very closely, and trying to keep as healthy as possible in terms of sleep, lifestyle etc :)

  • Can I ask how you sleep without it. I can't sleep without my medication!

  • I find lavender oil on my pillow really helps to relax me and helps me sleep. I've always used this before PP and during my recovery. X

  • It took a while to get my sleep back, for sure! For many nights if not weeks I would lie awake for hours, and when I did drift off I would wake very early the next morning. But gradually it got better and better. I’m not quite back to “normal” but I can get to sleep quite easily now. Hope this helps x

  • Hi Pumpkins, I have just completed quartipine reductions and have been medicine free for five weeks. I found that the quartipine made me feel sleepy and I was induced into sleep from the medication. As I reduced it became slightly harder to fall asleep, but after a few nights everything settled down. When I completely stopped the medication this also reoccurred. I booked to see my gp as I was worried as sleep deprivation was a major part in the onset of my pp, but by the day of my appointment I was sleeping fine. I wish you all the best x

  • Hi All, so glad to read these posts! I'm very nearly off quetiapine after 18 months and had another reduction 2 weeks ago. The first couple of nights I was paranoid that my symptoms would return so didn't sleep too well, then slept fine and the last 2 nights I can't switch off! I know it's just due to life, work & stressing about being too fat to find a dress for my works party!!! 😂 I know I'm well but when you've been through PP like we all have, you can't help but be "aware"! X x

  • so far so good

  • I’ve been off Quetiapine for about 16 months now and I’d say my sleep pattern has gone back to normal and did pretty much straight away after I weaned off it. I fall asleep really quickly and stay asleep no problems (with the exception of the odd restless night from a two year old). Good Luck I’m sure you’ll be fine xx

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