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Weaning from Quetiapine

hi guys

My mood has dipped slightly, been thinking about my cruel aunt. I have decided to have her displaced as a relative. I need to get cruel people out of my life

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Hi pumpkins

I’m sorry your mood has dipped. Can you can talk to your GP or mental health professional supporting you about your mood and how you are feeling and the thoughts you’re having. I know weaning off medication can be difficult and it’s so important you get support during this time.

Take care



I am fine. Just received some goodness about a work related venture - the happiest as always

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Hi pumpkins - know the feeling - think you are wise to avoid any one who is not positive at the moment as it can make you feel low. As you have some good work related news expect you can focus on that.. Take care.


My sleep has been a little disrupted

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Hi Pumpkins I have a sleep disorder which unfortunately take sleeping pills for.

If I don't take them I am awake all night. However I have found that keeping the light dark in the room helps me get off to sleep. Apparently research has shown we are a bit like animals responding to the dark. Too much light can affect sleep patterns. I have a nightlight attached to surge plug point lead which I leave slightly under the bed so I have enough light if I want to get up. Certain foods are help sleep including pineapple juice or fresh pineapple, and bananas which create a hormone which aids sleep. If you have a thyroid problem you can get insomnia too. As you are coming off the drug, it might be difficult to adjust, so you could ask your doctor if they think you could have medication for sleeping. Hot milk or cocoa with ordinary cows milk can aid sleep too as it has natural opioids in it. I think it helps

night starvation. Sleep disruption is awful - so you have to find out what is disrupting you whether it is barking or neighbours - or child crying. Earplugs might help if it is outside noise.

Expect you have had a thyroid test - it sometimes is overlooked. Take care.


If the disruption is from baby - sometimes bottle milk might not suit some babies -

If the baby is hungry the full cow's milk might be more sustaining. However the most natural milk feeds mimic the natural protection that the mother has in breast milk - Aptamil is useful and helps feeding. Some babies thrive on SMA. If baby has wind, may be he she is swallowing too much air with the feed, which makes them cry. Enlarging the rubber teat on the bottle encourages more milk to flow so the baby is not sucking on air.

Current information recommends the baby sleeps on their back but my son was always on his front. He had a hip splint. He slept well after changing milk. Natural fibre sheets such as brushed cotton are recommended rather than nylon sheets. An under blanket can keep the

cot warm. I hope this not irrelevant info. There are bound to be websites with mother and baby information which are up to date which might be appropriate. When the baby gets down to a couple of feeds a night rather than every three hours, you may feel much better.

Granny G.


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