Hey, just wondering how people got there motivation back? Before I was ill I used to do things around the house happily and look after myself. Since having my daughter last year and becoming ill I have zero motivation for anything- I find doing daily tasks almost impossible and everything is an effort. It's horrible. What did people do to get there motivation back? X

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  • Hi Natalie1293,

    I am sorry to hear that you re struggling, however, it is perfectly normal and good that you can recognise and were motivated to reach out for support - well done :-)

    I found what worked best for me was taking the pressure off myself to be more motivated/better/back to normal. I learned to just accept the days when I am struggling and be more patient with myself, with practice this stopped the internal battle and constant self criticism.

    I had PP 18yrs ago and I was really hard on myself back then. Over time I have realised that what works best is to be kind and caring towards ourselves - resist the urge to push our recovery and trust in the process of healing - which I know is hard to hear as it does take time to recover.

    But it is important to remember that you can and will recover from this - I would advise that you accept all the support that is available to you and most of all take the best care of yourself, be your own best friend throughout this and things will get better.

    Take care and good luck - you are not alone xxx

  • Hi Natalie,

    I had the same problem too but it's not as bad now with my medication being changed. I was on sertraline for depression but it's been changed to fluoxetine which definitely helps me to feel like doing more things. I've never been big on housework but have felt more inclined towards doing it when I feel better. What medication are you on if you don't mind me asking?

  • Completely empathise with this. My motivation is as it was now but I'm 3.5 years on. The house being a mess was a constant argument with my husband x

  • Hi Natalie,

    Sorry to hear you are feeling like this, I would say that it took me about a year and a bit until I felt as motivated as my pre-Illness self, I keep going through stages of getting my self back, for example my creative side came back after about a year, my feeling passionate and strongly about things came back a bit later.

    I don’t know for sure if this is after effects from PP, medication or just having a child as you don’t have much time for yourself (or chores) once you are a mother but I would say be kind to yourself and take it easy, don’t stress too much about not feeling motivated for chores etc, they can wait- you are more important! Healing completely takes time and I’m sure you will gradually feel more and more similar to your old self!

    Take care,


  • Dear Natalie . .I understand how lack of motivation leads to feeling guilty and loss of confidence .Something that worked for me was swallowing my pride and letting friends and family help ; explaining to them that I was feeling very low and unmotivated and making myself go out for a walk each day . Try not to isolate yourself as that is not helpful !

    Best wishes Denise

  • My motivation and confidence are still low. I'm trying not to isolate, but leaving the house is difficult right now. I've been talking with my psychiatrist about my confusion and feeling lost. I don't think she really understands. Does this happen to anyone else? It can be quite debilitating because I want to be able to go out and come back home. I'm feeling anxious because I'm in the process of deciding to do ECT again. I just want to do whatever gets me back to my old self or at least a new good version.

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