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Midwifery Experience


Did your mental health overshadow everything. were you undermined? Did you get to enjoy being a parent or were you being judged, set up to fail. My GP keeps saying I should try I am not sure.

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Hi Pumpkins,

Can you clarify what your GP is saying you should try? Do you mean for pregnancy?

My story is that I had PND after my first child, which didn't fully resolve before I became pregnant with my 2nd and worsened during pregnancy. It was treated and I felt much better by the time baby #2 arrived, but then Postpartum Psychosis hit at 7wks postpartum. Now, my youngest is 16 months and I've recently been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (not sure about type as my psychiatrist hasn't told me yet, but I suspect Bipolar 1).

For me, my experience has been that everyone involved in my care has been supportive, focussed on getting me well. They have even already said that there is no barrier to having more children in the future. I was never judged or set up to fail.

I have absolutely enjoyed being a parent!! I think parenting is a hard job to begin with, and mental illness can make it even harder. At the times when I was the most unwell, my mental illness did overshadow things and take much of the joy of parenting away. However, even when unwell I formed memories which I can now look back on with joy (for example, the times I was visited by my older child while in the MBU and participating in the music time with my youngest that was run there). And, most importantly, with the right treatment and care I've been well enough to really enjoy my kids, even though I still can't say I'm fully recovered.

I know you've often shared your worries with us, and I hope you are doing okay, and that whatever decision you reach, you'll know its the right one and have peace with it.

God bless!

Thanks my GP wants me to try I am too scared of services

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