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Midwifery care


What was this like. Did m health overshadow things

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Because of the history of BPD I believe the Midwife did not take my daughter's complaints about the severity of pain she was feeling seriously. I think they had just decided to treat her case like a joke, and she was left in the care of a trainee midwife who left her to endure an awful lateral tear that required 17 stitches and eventually caused her sepsis. They did not adhere to the agreed Perinatal Mental Health Care Plan and instead sent her on a 6 hour car journey to an MBU over 200 miles away in the dead of winter in under 42 hours of giving birth with her wound still bleeding and learning to breastfeed her first child.


The probably did not want to have children in the first place


Hi Gemini

It is awful what your daughter has had to endure.

We at APP are campaigning this year that training in postpartum psychosis (including bipolar) will be mandatory for all midwives as currently it isn’t, though some midwifery courses do include it. We really hope this will help every woman who experiences pp or is at risk of pp to get better, improved support, along with all the NHS specialist perinatal mental health teams that are now active across the whole of England.

Take care, I’m thinking of you and your family and everything you’re going through. You have been through so much trauma.


Then every women is subject to potential speculation

All I can say is it's a postcode lottery when it comes to Midwifery care and PP or prior Mental Health issues. If you are a single mum, they have a already formed a low opinion of you and will target your baby for adoption from the start. Be careful, Social Services and Cafcass are very devious, and will twist things around to take your child. They put my perfectly bright and intelligent daughter through parenting assessments as if she was retarded or something. Can you imagine how emotionally painful it must be to see your baby for only 1 or 2 hours a week for 6 months whilst they scrutinise your every move and record your conversations to later use against you in the Family Court. This is an outrage!

Gosh..Did she get her baby back

No. I have helped my daughter fight the LA through the courts and even hired a barrister at our own expense as the solicitor provided from the list given when her baby was taken was clearly on the side of the LA and was only interested in maximising her legal aid funding. Totally corrupt system. Be warned. They want to achieve their adoption targets and get bonuses for doing so. It's big business and they don't care who they hurt or the damage they cause to innocent families to get their hands on the money to be made out of it. My daughter is now under section sufferring from PTSD.

good god! have you been to your Mp?

Yes Pumpkins. We've been to our MP and she even helped us prepare the second appeal, but the system is corrupt and the judge will always side wirh the Local Authority who lie and fabricate evidence. It has cost me many thousands of pounds to go through the appeals process, and still we have not got my granddaughter back. She is now being placed with the adoptive parents.

I saw the Louis Theroux program last night, and my poor daughter is nowhere near as mentally disturbed as those women were in his program. I just can't believe what is going on in this country. Where is the justice?

What started things? How did it start

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