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Relationship after ppp

Hi all, has anyone else found that ppp can put a strain on your marriage? Or relationship? I didn't think it had until today when my partner told me my meds have totally changed me. I'm very snappy and trying to adjust to a new dose of mirtazapine, while trying to pack for a holiday with 4 kids, while dealing with weight gain from the rispiridone. I'm worried my partner doesn't find me attractive any more. Has anyone else experienced these sort of difficulties while in recovery? X

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Hello Jake19

I think PP does put a strain on relationships as it's such a traumatic time for couples to go through together. Our partners see so much that we're not aware of and it must be overwhelming for them as we continue to come to terms with what's happened and try to fight our way to recovery. I was like a different person during my PP so it must have been very difficult to see how much I had changed. I was very argumentative due to my delusions and the side effects of medication. Adjusting to a new dose of medication isn't easy for you.

In the APP Insider Guide for Partners there's a section on page 12 with the heading "The Impact on your Relationship" which mentions that while the partner is unwell and in recovery your relationship will probably be different from how it used to be.

Although you'll be busy with four boys on holiday, I hope you will be able to have time with your partner to unwind. I think you're amazing coping with family routine and packing for a holiday, as well as recovering from such a challenging, changing illness. :)

I know it's hard but try not to worry and take very good care of yourself. xx


Hello Jake 19,

the sun is shining and there is a beautiful blue sky. My son just has received his head teacher's award. My partner and I have been very proud.

I will be washing my car and cutting the hedge in a minute, but I could not resist to write you a quick note.

It's been 7 years since PPP. It was probably one of the toughest experiences my partner and I had to go through, but we came out together on the other end. We had to fight our battles against the illness and some professionals, who did not recognise PPP for quite some time.

Yes, we've changed, but that is what life does to you, when you go through traumatising experiences, or in contrast adventurous, eventful and wonderful moments. Sometimes life events affect your routine, your mind and emotions are not kept at bay, - families and mums with PPP have to deal with so much.

Like you I was on Rispirodone, but in combination with Lorazepam and Quetiapine. I was unable to look after my baby for a long time. Thus, I am absolutely amazed about your strengths. I think you are a real fighter and doing exceptionally well.

I hope you will find some rest bite throughout your holiday and catch some very special moments with your children and your husband.



Thankyou for your wonderful


Thankyou for your wonderful reply. I'm currently sat in the barbers getting my boys hair cut for their holidays.

I'm feeling much better than I have done. My partner and I had a long discussion last night and it has really helped put everything into perspective.

Your reply has really struck a cord with me and I'm so thankful for your kind words.

Have a lovely weekend. I'm sure we will talk again soon.


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