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A year on

Hi there

Just wanted to share how I'm feeling a year on from my onset of Pp. Pp has made me realise how important family and friends are to me. That's the main positive I've gleaned from this experience. Also I've learned to be more kind to myself. In the future I would like to use my experience in a positive way. Maybe teach midwives about pp. Has anyone else had some good come from pp? If so please share!

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Hello GorillaMumma

Good to hear from you. I hope your recovery is continuing to go well. I agree that family and friends are very important as it must be so difficult for them to understand what's happening and how to help.

I had PP when I was 23 and 29, years ago now and didn't know what my diagnosis was. Due to stigma in those days my parents thought I would be judged and told my husband not to speak of my illness inside or outside the home. So until I had the good fortune to read an article in the local press about research and met Prof Ian Jones and some of his team when my sons were in their late teens, I had always kept that time in my life under wraps. It was such a relief to have my diagnosis confirmed and to know it wasn't my fault.

Fast forward to now .... one of the good things is that I'm so glad to be able to talk openly on the forum in the hope of helping a mum or family who are going through such a traumatic experience. I'm also not ashamed but proud to be one of a unique band of courageous mothers. Being kind to yourself is very important especially as you are only one year on.

Take care :)


Dear GorillaMumma,

thank you for your message.

Yes, true words spoken! I probably would not have survived this illness without my partner and his family.

I was sectioned to a psychiatric mixed gender hospital in the summer of 2010. There was no MBU in the South-West and the nearest on offer was Manchester without my baby and partner.

I needed professional support, but diagnosis and finding the appropriate medication took a bit longer than expected and I suffered immense sleep deprivation for one month. In addition the head of the hospital wanted to section me again (from 2-3).

The traumatising experience and being institutionalised did not help with my recovery. Luckily with the passionate in-put of my partner (and my contribution-one of my light moments) in the crucial assessment meeting, the external team decided to discharge my stay at hospital after 39 days...

I still was that poorly that I had to have full time care and a support network was implemented by professionals and family. The first year was extremely difficult, but I recovered and weaned off my medication gradually and within one year.

Thus, you are right. Priority is your health and well-being and your family & friends (the ones you can trust/I am selective) :-)

Only at the end of 2015 did I find APP and they have been an amazing contributing factor to my recovery, health and welfare. Thanks to this forum!!!

We recover all in different ways, - please allow yourself time!

Kind wishes,


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