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Action on Postpartum Psychosis
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I get the impression that having baby is a problem, my rights to be a parent and also to enjoy is secondary. I find it hard to believe anyone is interested in my mental health, when I am treated in such a negative way. Too much negative treatment has a profound effect on a person' s mental health. Where and how can I assert this, I have tried complaining as an alleged person with mental health I have no credibility.

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Hi Pumpkins - not sure I can give any easy answers here! Do you mind me asking which country you're in? Do you have any children already?

I found that having had a severe Psychosis actually wasn't a barrier to being able to enjoy parenthood. And certainly wasn't indicative of social services needing to be involved or anything like that. But everyone's story is different... my illness was fairly "out of the blue" although I did leave hospital with a bipolar diagnosis, which needs ongoing management.

You certainly do have the right to parenthood, and to enjoy it. There's loads of resources both online and in the real world (depending where you live) to help you... I wish you all the luck in the world!

Kat x


Hi Kat G I am in England, no I do not have children, I was with a CMHT during my final meeting the Doctor asked me 'do you want a baby ' I felt humiliated as though I was being bullied.


I posted this before I saw you did not have baby yet. I have bipolar and sharing my experience here. Although it was painful, my lovely girl was worth it. Always advocate for yourself, though and never assume somebody does not care about your situation unless they know EVERYTHING. Have faith that you are a decent human being even if you don't feel decent, and try to be frank with those closest to you. I don't want to carry on with details, but I will say I live in the US my child is now grown but when I had her in 1993 I felt exactly as you do. It was so very painful and the lowest time of my life. Although I neither murdered her nor killed myself, those ideas were my constant uninvited companions for months. I was very sick, and the type of illness was very misunderstood. To this day it makes me cry, but daughter and I both lived. During recovery, I found a poster stating THE ROAD OF LIFE IS ALWAYS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. I bought it, and kept it during those months, taping it as it tore in five places. I was torn as well. Well that history was more long winded than I thought, but just letting you know I share your pain. Have faith that you are a decent human being even if you don't feel decent, and try to be frank with those closest to you.


I am but the services keep documenting me in a bad light


I had my daughter Feb 2015 and she had to go to different hospital all of sudden when we was in this hospital this postpartum psychosis came on me I thought the staff was moving my stuff I thought b there was cameras watching me I thought my daughter was doll


Hi Pumpkins -

I think just by coming on here and gathering information and support indicates how good a parent you will be! I am a strong believer that mental illness (even severe forms) should be no barrier to parenthood. All it needs is good care, good planning and lots and lots of support. As any prospective parent would want!

Have you had a look at the resources offered by Bipolar UK? Also if you are under a CMHT you might have access to a mental health advocacy service - worth asking. Also occupational health sessions could be useful to you in fulfilling your dreams.

Do you mind me asking if you have a supportive partner? Their buy-in to all this is so, so, important. I couldn't parent at all if it wasn't for my husband and all that he does.

All best wishes xx

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Hi Kat G - all I want is to be happy in the romance of me and my partner, at the moment we so in love. he want to me to try to get pregnant. He thinks I don't want his children. He tired of waiting. He just wants us to be together go to the park, ice creams etc..

We don't want CMHT involvement - as soon I think about that, I am unhappy and depressed. His family want to have a nice a baby, to be able to feed change love our baby. This CMHT business is so depressing


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