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Happy light coming back into the world

Christmas "ends" here in 2 min. You all are waking to a new Dec 26. Maybe you celebrated Christmas (like us) or Chanukah or Solitice. It's all celebrating light breaking through the Darkness. So like my Favorite Christmas Movie (Love Actually) states "it's Christmas so I figured I say...." Thank You a million times Thank You, APP and all you Fellow Warrior Mama's, thank you for everything!!! I hope you each get a smile from your little(s) this time of year. Know that I am proud of you! And with that I say "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night"

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Hello K8Stack

What a lovely post from across the pond. It's such a privilege to share experiences and I love the analogy to Fellow Warrior Mamas :) as we have all fought to be well for the love of our children. Recovery is light breaking through the darkness ...... like being in a tunnel and eventually emerging into daylight is such a good feeling.

Wishing you all the joy of family and sending a virtual hug. We are a unique band of Warrior Mamas and so happy to be here to lean on.


What a lovely message K8Stack! It is boxing day in Somerset, UK & my big and little man are constructing another lego feature.

Yes, I do celebrate Christmas, because of my son's sparkles in his eyes and my partner being like a big boy again. Although occasionally I have a quiet word with Buddha in a spiritual sense and meditate.

I do not know where you are down under, but I have very fond memories of NZ with my partner and I exploring the North and South Island...

Health and happiness...

Sabine :-)


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