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i suspect my wife suffers from post natal depression

my wife was extremely bad after having our baby.i did everything i could to help her, but she didn't seem to like me. she got aggressive and complained about me constantly,i work nights and the baby did not sleep, but i would have the baby in the day(sometimes only having an hour or two for me to sleep before going bake to work), to give her a break.but when i told her to get some sleep she would go out was a struggle for about 6 months and she didn't want anything to do with me. then i found out she was going off to meet another man (i believe this was caused by the depression). she started seeing the other man within 1 month of giving birth. within 2 months she wanted to leave me and get married. when i found out she denied it and got worse. but finding out made everything so clear to me - every time she popped out, or was late back, every time she needed me to look after the kids when she went out. things got worse. our baby is 15 months old. .. I don't know what to write i haven't covered the half of it is there any groups i can talk to (as i cant write it all) i tried .. doctors, counsellers, health visitor. but my wife will not go to any. other groups will not help if she has not been diagnosed.

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Hello jacobsmouse and welcome to the forum.

I am sorry to hear that things have been hard since your baby has been born. I wondered if you had seen the APP Guides, which give some good "real life" tips on how women find recovery from a severe postnatal illness such as postpartum psychosis, although I appreciate from what you are saying that it has been difficult to get a diagnosis. There is also a Partners Guide which may give you further tips for coping. Here is the link:

It is good that you are reaching out for further support and I wonder if a friendly GP might also be able to help you and your family? (although I know you say you have been to the doctors, I know when I was ill my husband and I had to go a few times to get the right input)... Or whether there is a childrens centre which might be able to signpost you to some sources of support?

Having a baby is a time of huge changes and challenges and I'm sorry to hear that your relationship has been under strain. I hope that you can get some support as a Dad too and have been able to enjoy some time with your child.

Take care, xx

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