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Flitting from one thing to another

Hi everyone, I had PP 18 years ago and have been fairly well since, no medication the last 10 years and before that anti depressants for general anxiety. I recently feel that I am jumping from one task to another at home and usually leaving the last task unfinished. I am feeling quite exhausted with this constant urge to be busy and start new tasks. It only seems to happen when I am at home and it is sometimes making me late for work. I'm nervous to go to the doctor and start any medication. I just wondered if anyone has any thoughts on this. I have read similar posts but couldn't find them again when I searched. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hello AllisonR

Thanks for coming to the forum and sharing your experience. I think as mums we all like to multitask but sometimes we forget to rest! I know you're not keen to see your G.P but it might be helpful just for reassurance.

There's a good post on here entitled "PP in the Menopause" with good replies and links. One of the mums also mentions "multitasking without finishing a task" so this might be helpful for you to know you're not alone.

Take care and remember to put relaxing into your 'routine'.


Hi, Lilybeth, thank you for your reply. It was the 'PP in the Menopause' post that I was thinking of and the comment from another mum about multitasking that started me thinking. I do need to find more time to relax but I will see my G.P some time about it. I am 47 this year so maybe I'm going through the perimenopause This could be unbalancing my hormones a little. Thank you.

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Dear Allison, this sounds very familiar and I do understand the reticence about seeing the GP. It will all depend on whether you have a GP who is mental health 'savvy' or not. I suspect the criteria they will use is whether or not all this extra busy-ness is impeding your normal day-to-day functioning or not; how in control of it you are. I'm not sure I'm a great person to give advice as I'm far from being disciplined enough to practise very often, but one of the main objectives of mindfulness training is to keep the mind still and in the present--the opposite of letting it flit about in other words. And it puts you firmly in control, and strengthens your ability to stay there. But if things have gone beyond something that tallies with monthly fluctuations there is no harm in seeing a GP, if only for having a reassuring chat. Best of luck with it all, JHW

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Hello Allison

I'm glad you found the post helpful. That's the good thing about the forum .... we all have different experiences to share and can usually find a mum who has 'been there' too. I think after a busy day at work it's a good thing to unwind and destress, even if that's only a minute or two on the sofa with a refreshing tea or coffee to drink.

Your GP might be very helpful. Try to be good to yourself ..... you are very important to your family .......


Dear Allison,

I am also somebody who has been multi-tasking and not finishing jobs when mind racing. My concentration level for general tasks are very low for half of the month and sometimes even longer.

Even though I am in close contact with my GP and having been offered antidepressants I rather fight my own daemons with alternative options, such as trying to live in the momentum, not too much long term planning and loads of self-reflection, trying to identify when it is time to take a rest-this is often quite difficult when poorly, as my ability for decision-making is down.

My partner is usually watching my pace and slows/calms me down...hyperactivity will be tiresome in the long run...I have had many long nights painting, trying to keep my emotional upheaval in balance when not being able to sleep.

I suppose we all have our own struggles and need to make a choice in how to cope.

I cycle, meditate, lots of gardening, healthy diet, focusing on my tasks as mum and partner...I decline medication, but use occasionally natural herbs, which stops my mind night particularly.

Kind wishes,



Hi Sabine. thank you very much for your kind reply.

I've also noticed my decision making and concentration levels are quite poor at certain times.

I work part time and in my spare time I play tennis, garden, meet friends and have a healthy diet. Could you tell me which herb you take that helps with mind racing? I'd say the mind racing is quite mild, obviously nothing like it was when I had PP. It's not there all the time, just happens at certain times of the month or when I'm feeling stressed.

Thank you for your reply.



Sorry for not responding any sooner. How are you, Allison?

Yes, I do eat a very different diet in comparison to little and big men, quite nutritious and see older I get the more I dislike fatty food. Since the beginning of my 20s I always have kept off the meat, but ate fish. Nowadays I got to force myself to eat fish, but know especially throughout the ups of chemicals that i need Cod liver Oil, Omega 3 & A/D vitamins. In addition I have to watch my hemoglobin thus topping up on iron and magnesium ....

I occasionally take Valerian Capsules in order to stop mind racing, but it does not help me to get to sleep, it just calms me down. According to Valerian by Holland and Barret it is a relief for mild anxiety and aids sleep.

Take good care of yourself,



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