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Campaign for m&b unit in norfolk

Hope this is OK to post.

My friend is working with the MP norman lamb to help improve mental health services specifically maternal mental health. He is currently campaigning for a mother and baby unit in Norfolk. I met with him in April and told him my experiences of being separated from my baby in a general mental health hospital during my illness ad the only available mother and baby unit was in Hackney.

If there was a mother and baby unit in Norfolk, how many of you would it have helped?

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Hi Lucinda,

I grew up in Norfolk and so I feel passionately that there should be an mbu in Norfolk. Fortunately when I had pp I lived in Southampton so went to mbu in Winchester. I am so grateful that I had the support that I had and that I wasn't separated from my baby. Well done for campaigning for a unit there.

Best wishes, Cheeky Mummy


Hi Lucinda,

Thanks for posting about this. It's so good that you're using your own experience to try and help other mum's so they aren't seperated from their baby like you were.

Do email us ( or write on here to let us know if there is a campaign group / website / petition and we can maybe try and promote it as well to raise awareness.

I also thought you may be interested in being a volunteer regional rep for APP? Regional reps try and raise awareness of PP, and what APP offer, in their local area etc, a bit similar to your involvement in this campaign for a MBU. Do let us know if you are interested!

Take care X


It would have certainly helped me! When I had pp in 2012 I was able to be cared for at home by my family and local mental health services visited daily. However, when my baby girl was 3months old my depression became so severe that I begged to be admitted to the local mental health hospital. When I was admitted I just cried for 3 days as I missed my baby so much. My family were allowed to bring her in at visiting times but the night time was the worse as I just wanted her near me. Luckily I only stayed in 3nights after I started on lithium. At the time I think the nearest Mbu was Cambridge but it would have been an hour and half to 2 hour drive for my family. It's just so important to have your baby with you for the bond.

Good luck with your campaign



Dear Lucinda,

you speak from my heart. Reading through my medical file, I was devastated not to have my baby whilst being so poorly in 2010. Like you I was in a psychiatric hospital for a long time. Promoting MBU's are of vital importance. At the time the nearest was in Manchester, but that was too far for my partner. I am from Somerset.

Good luck with your campaign !!!



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