I miss Alcohol !!

Wondered if anyone has a similar situation now with alcohol. I was always a social drinker in college and in my 20s then stopped when I was pregnant and tried after pp but the meds made me feel headachy after 1 drink. Now I'm on the lowest dose of lamictal and I feel drunk and weird after 1 drink. I always enjoyed drinking and want to enjoy it again with my husband and friends. Any thoughts?

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  • Hello bravesurvivor

    As you might know from the forum my PP was so long ago and medications have changed. Way back when I used to feel headachy too so I don't drink at all now. I can understand how you would like to enjoy it again socially, especially at this time of year.

    Have you tried drinking water in between each glass of alcohol? I'm sure other mums here who are or have been on medication will be more helpful.

    Take good care.

  • I had to wait until I was completely off Seroquel until I could drink any alcohol. Much like you it made me feel worse when I was on the drug. PP stinks!!!

    I hope that helps a little.

    Good luck and lots of love.

  • Dear brave survivor,

    I really do sympathise. I was always an enthusiastic social drinker pre-baby, both with friends and for work related entertaining. For a start, Pp or no PP, I think that having the 9 months off makes a huge difference to women's relationships with alcohol. I've heard lots of women talk about how they can no longer drink as much or as often as they were used to.

    I'm not familiar with the medication you're on, but I'm bi-polar and taking 3 different medications. about a year ago my psychiatrist suggested stopping alcohol altogether, which was probably helpful in trying to figure out how these medications work and interact, plus I did actually lose some weight, which was a bonus. I do now try and restrict intake to one generous glass of wine with dinner, with lots of water to wash it down. It seems to work for me, but I think these levels are very individual. I also, in a fit of seasonal desperation, moved to mulled cider rather than mulled wine, which I loved. The ciders tend to have a lower % of alcohol. if I go over this I am firstly very sleepy, quite moody, argumentative, vaguely sick-feeling... Not worth it in my opinion!

    I'd love to hear how you get on over the Christmas period. I think it's really a question of trial and error and individual capacity.... Good luck! Xxx

  • It is five years since I had my episode and I now take the lowest dose of Abilify -I now find drinking fine. I did spend a couple of years struggling and abstaining but... I'm back!

  • Lol, since having my children, pp and still on Sertraline...I can drink approximately 1 glass and I'm drunk! Husband says cheap date, I say ridiculous. Is it the meds, my metabolism, or just the fact that our bodies have changed?... 3 glasses and I'm sick! I add soda..that sort of makes me feel I can drink more, hehe. X

  • Hello I just wanted to say that these days I cannot drink a glass of wine without having a bad head ache. The only drink that has no ill effects is gin and tonic with a lot of ice and a lot of lime. Makes a long drink. X

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