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How long did everyone not sleep for?


Just wondering how long everyone went without sleep. I was 8 days with about 2 hours sleep, did everyone have problems sleeping before pp set in?

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Hi Betty

Yes, I definitely did as well - but had an earlier onset, on day 3 I became ill.

It is a very common feature of PP, one of the most common symptoms people have.

You might be interested in reading this previous thread on exactly this topic:

Take care

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Oh my goodness, have just read the posts on the link. It's like reading my own story all over again. For 33 years, my experience has remained in the background. I've never had the opportunity to talk about it with anyone, not least be privileged to share it with women who have had exactly the same experience. Yes, there certainly seem a very strong correlation with sleep deprivation and the onset of PP. I remember everyone kept banging on about my lack of sleep and the need for rest, I of, course didn't see it like that. I was super organised, lists written, numerous plans for the future, I was Superwoman, coping magnificently....funnily enough the psychiatrist didn't see it that way ..and so the nightmare began.


Hi betty2014,

I had PP around 3.5 weeks after birth.

I lost a night's sleep to labour and would say I then had 3 weeks of not much sleep but it was probably a fairly 'normal' level of sleep deprivation for life with a new baby (a few broken hours, feeds were frequent and long). Then insomnia hit at the 3 week mark and I couldn't switch off at all. I had 4 days/nights of barely any sleep at all before the PP really set in.

Hi there, most people on here know my first PP went untreated and I can honestly say I didn't sleep for a year. I laid awake for months unable to sleep. Following second baby, onset was very rapid and I was immediately put on sleeping tablets. Take care


Hi Betty2014,

A classic symptom in the early, manic stage of PP is insomnia. I had no sleep for the first 5 nights after having my baby. Most women who have experienced PP will report problems with sleeplessness. Not being able to get to sleep is such a self perpetuating problem...the more you worry about not being able to get to sleep, the harder it becomes to sleep! One tip I was given after having my second child was to stop trying to get to sleep and accept that lying quietly in bed resting was as beneficial. This removed the anxiety and sure enough, I usually nodded off. That and a few drops of lavender on my pillow helped! It's not always this simple however and I know first hand how distressing it can be in those early weeks to miss out on quality sleep.



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My solution with my second child was not to breast feed. I felt really guilty but determined that if I got 'high' again I would meekly take the medication offered rather that fight against it. At the time, I knew my PP had something to do with a hormonal/chemical imbalance and though there could have been a link with feeding. Also allowed me more sleep! No problems at all second time round, just remember being terrified of showing that I was excited & happy in case I appeared too happy!

I went 14 days without sleep, kept fighting off sleeping tablets. Was hospitalised then

I didn't sleep for six nights after the birth of my first son as I was so elated. I was given drugs to put me to sleep when I was admitted to the mother and baby unit in the middle of the sixth night. Xox


I had a long labour with no sleep, and then 6 nights in post natal ward, again with no sleep.... Sleep deprivation is a massive factor, in my opinion!

Hi... I didn't sleep for about 10 days just before it got really bad. I hadn't slept properly for 3 months before hand.


Hi everyone, this is a really interesting thread. For me I didn't sleep for 4 days after the birth, I was in bed so it looked like I was resting but my brain wouldn't switch off. I'm normally a 9 hrs a night person & have always needed my sleep.

Have you seen & taken part in this poll about sleep? It's an old one but it's still very relevant:

Yes my wife had no sleep from when the contrctions started to when she gave birth 80 hours later. I timed thec contractions and I recall she slept for 15 minutes one day, that was the most she did in 3 days. We did hypno birthing and intended a water birth but it ended in forceps then emergency C section.

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Oh my god 80 hours, I thought mine was bad enough at almost 39 hours

I was hospitalised 10 days after my son was born, I had virtually no 'proper' sleep during that period.

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