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Hi all, Im a new mother of a gorgeous baby boy called Duarozh and I am breastfeeding. I just wondered if there are any professionals in the group who could offer support because his feeds are usually very long and this can be very tiring. I've had midwifery support, which was excellent (Nottingham QMC) but now I'm alone so to speak but will still like some support. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks

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Hi, I fed for 10 months and baby is usually very self sufficient at feeding. They ask when they're hungry and come off when they're full. As long as you can hear the flow and see their little jaw muscles working, baby is taking. Feeding is very tiring, especially when they're having a growth spurt - every 4 weeks or so...they will feed constantly. BF mums know to put your feet up, have a drink and remote to hand..,and relax! Eat plenty and rest. It's hard work, but very rewarding. Xx


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