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Thyroiditis screening

Hi all,

I don't have time to write a detailed post now, but my wife has been suffering with psychosis since the birth of our daughter September 2013.

We declined admission to the local MBU (it's complicated I'll explain later), although her symptoms were severe enough to warrant it.

My urgent query is whether thyroiditis screening would have been routine on admission or whether it's at the discretion of the consultant?

Thanks in advance


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Hi rc2500

Blood tests are usually done on admission or within the first day. I wasn't told what was being screened for but thyroid is often checked by GP'S for depressive illness.

Glad you have found the forum and please do ask any questions you have - it's what we are here for.



Hi Rc2500,

Yes there're no absolute rules but it's fairly standard on admission. I hope this helps & I hope things are OK for you & your wife now.


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