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So terribly hard to be a mom . Take charge?

This doesn't work.

Usually this is a child who has never needed your help before, it's not as easy as giving her a cuddle and saying "everything is going to be ok"

There is a son in law. A Family in law. How did this even happen?

It's been a long hard four months.


Any mom that would like to call me, please do. I would have given anything to be able to talk to someone who was a mom of a PP daughter.

Who knew?

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Thank you so much for your reflections on the past few months Lily54. Finding the right way of supporting without 'taking over' must have been a fine balancing act. How is your daughter now?

Naomi x


She is so much better, from time to time a bit panicky and anxious, but an amazing recovery.


So wonderful to hear that your daughter is making a good recovery. She will definitely never forget your love and support.



Hi Lily54,

What a great post. You've all been through so much these past months. I've felt very connected to all your posts throughout as my Mum was so wonderful during my illness. I am sure your daughter is so grateful for your support and in time this experience will bring you closer than ever. I know you enjoyed reading my Mum's post "A Granny's Experience." I don't know if you had a chance to read my full story which is now up on the APP website I talk a lot about my Mum as my hero through my illness and how hard it was on all those around me.

I am so glad your daughter is so much better. You are nearly there, here's to looking ahead to the summer, steady steps towards having your girl back to her old self once more.

Warmest to you all,

JonesieB x


I have just read your story, it brought tears to my eyes, and truly gave me a better insight to how my daughter must have been feeling. You and your lovely mum have been lifesavers for me!


Hi I just read your story too, really moving and shows how important proper support is, I was lucky in that I had a very quick diagnosis and was in a mbu. Thanks for writing it


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