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Can I post about my book on this forum?


I've written a book about my experience of PPP and PND called Day Six when motherhood and madness collide. It is being launched on 10th October to coincide with World Mental Health Day. I was wondering if it would be ok to post a link to my Facebook pages so anyone interested can find out more about it? Didn't want to break any rules!!!!

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Hi Hackneygirl, I think it's great that you've spoken out & gone public about your experience of PP - certainly not always an easy thing to do! There just aren't enough books specifically about PP available, especially books from personal experience showing how it really can be for some. I really like books that show the complete journey to (& beyond) recovery, that give so much hope to anyone currently going through it. As it's your own personal experience it's fine to post it here & I think many here will be very interested to read it!

Hi Hackneygirl,

I would love to read your book when it is published! As Andrea says above there really are too few books out there about PP.

Well done for writing it - did you have any writing experience before this book?

I look forward to your post with the link to your FB pages and i will be sure to follow you online. When your book is published I will ask my local library to get a copy of the book - I am always trying to broaden Kent Libraries stock of perinatal mental health literature!

Natasha x

Great thanks I'll put the link on in a minute.

Yes I'm a writer by trade. I work as a fundraiser specialising in grant writing. I love writing and I love my job so I'm very lucky.

Also a few years ago I did an MA in Professional Writing specialising in creative non fiction.

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